Wednesday, March 24, 2010

is it starting to get cold in hell?!?

so today . . . i tweeted. and now rollie tweets too.

rollie is not a big fan of social media. he has resisted it all. he finally started reading my blog recently, but he has no interest in interacting on the web. until today.

i'm not sure why he has decided to tweet, except maybe he wants to keep track of me. he said it was just so he could follow me and see what i am thinking. he says he thinks i am funny. that's what he says. ok . . .

i discovered this was happening when i walked into his office tonight to find diandra explaining twitter to him. she was showing him how to follow people, how to send a tweet, how to send a direct tweet "in case you want to tweet something only to mom or me."

i said, "if he wants to send either one of us a message, he could just text. he doesn't need to tweet." "well," she said, "but what if he wanted to."

huh? i mean i understand tweeting instead of texting if you are one of those people with 843 followers and you don't want them all to have your phone number, but rollie follows two people--diandra and me. and he has our phone numbers.

but whatever. anyway, when he got home tonight, i did something and he said, "i am going to tweet that!" almost like it was a threat. i said it didn't matter, because i was the only one who was following him. and i already knew what i had done because i was the one who did it. he made the "oh *&*^%$#%!!" face. and then he did it! he tweeted what i had done!

i'm not so sure i like rollie tweeting. i am not used to running into him electronically. i am used to having the last word in cyberspace. i am the one who talks about him to the rest of the world--he is not supposed to be talking about me. my world is starting to tilt dangerously again . . .

my only consolation is that i think he will not continue to tweet. he has too much to do! he is not going to sit around typing tiny little thoughts and sending them out electronically for the rest of us to retrieve. his brain is way too busy for that.

unless it becomes necessary. you know, as a "threat" :)

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Diandra Ann said...

hahahaha! I think it's hilarious! And for any of you who want to follow him on twitter and find out all the crazy things my mom does... @rolliem. Now if we could just get grams to tweet!!!