Saturday, December 31, 2011

ch-ch-ch-changes, part deux

so today . . . is the last day of 2011. i thought i should probably blog...

i have been a terrible blogger this year! in fact, i am not sure i have blogged enough to even be called a blogger!! i should probably just be called "a woman with a computer and a blogspot address who thinks about blogging but never actually does it..." but that is kind of long, and i don't really like it, so next year i promise to do better!

(oh man, there i go, making new year's resolutions already! i hate new year's resolutions! they always make me feel like a big, fat failure, because i can never keep them. ever. so forget i said that... because if i make a resolution like that, it will certainly be the kiss of death for my blog!)

2011 was a year of changes. ultimately all the changes were good, but they were not without consequences. i was tired. i was busy. i was confused and overwhelmed. i was exhausted. my brain ceased to function quite frequently. there were days i couldn't keep my eyes open and nights when i didn't sleep. and so my blogging became sporadic...

...and then i got an ipad. and an iphone. which made it worse!

yes, one of the biggest changes of 2011 was learning to navigate apple's operating system--you know, the one that is so intuitive?? yes, well maybe it is intuitive if you are a child! but for a person who has been using microsoft products for the last 25 years, i find it more than a little bit challenging. and yet, i am strangely madly in love with my new electronics. you know how in the movies the good girls are always falling for the bad boys? you know those boys are going to get them into trouble, and yet the good girls fall for them every. single. time. well, my iproducts are my bad boys...

how has this affected my blogging? it's like this... i used to spend my evenings sitting on my couch, watching tv, and surfing the internet with my cute little laptop. i would "shop" a little, catch up on what all my fb friends were doing, farm a little, and then blog. but now? now i spend my evenings sitting on my couch, watching tv, and surfing the internet on my ipad. i check my email, look for new, free apps to download, and maybe "shop" a little. but what i do not do is farm (because the ipad doesn't support most fb games,) or blog. because i can't.

i can't blog from my ipad. my blogger site doesn't work with apple's operating system. i need an app for that! and there is one for the phone, but not for the ipad. i went into the apple store for help, and we managed to figure out how i could post a blog, but it isn't easy! it is time consuming and frustrating and doesn't always work. so, if i want to blog, i have to get up off the couch and trade my ipad for my laptop, and i am sorry to tell you that there are days when i just don't have the oomph to do that! and so my blogging suffered...

and then i was busy. i was out of town in february, march, august, september, october, november, and december for 5-10 days each time. i was the mother of the bride on st. patrick's day in las vegas. i looked for a house, bought a house, packed up our old house, and moved into our new house. i hired and supervised painters, gardeners, and other miscellaneous workers. i taught school. i did laundry, walked the dogs, cleaned the house, and finally started cooking again. i shopped for family room couches, a washer and dryer, and a new front door... i am still shopping for a new front door... i spoke at two retreats and a christmas brunch. i was busy.

and then our family changed. in 2011 i became a mother-in-law. i'm not so sure how i feel about that. i always say that diandra is pretty much perfect. and she is. but "pretty much" leaves a little room for those days that we all have occasionally... and somehow, miraculously, her husband, javier knows how to deal with those days and make them better. i am very glad that my darling daughter is married to a man who is the yin to her yang. i'm glad she found a man who loves her like her dad loves me, and like my dad loves my mom. but now i have a son-in-law, a cuban son-in-law, who doesn't like to smile in pictures (although he is getting better,) who hugs everyone (EVERYONE,) who eats my string cheese by BITING it (everyone knows you have to peel the strings off to eat string cheese!) and is just a bit inscrutable. and so i am not quite sure what to do with him. our family dynamic has changed, and it is a little unnerving at times... our nest is empty (well, except for our two weird pups,) and we miss having our little chick around.

2011 was defined by changes. and sometimes chaos. it was all about just getting through the next few days... or weeks... or months... it was about homecomings and leaving home. it was about crisis management and problem solving. and yet, when i look back over the last year, i am struck by how blessed we are! we live in the land of eternal sunshine. we have good, steady jobs. we have a lovely new home (even if the garage roof does have a leak!) we are mostly happy and healthy.

i am hoping that in 2012 we are going to find some balance in our lives and get back into a routine. i am hoping that we are done dealing with major changes for a while. i am hoping that life is going to get back to normal... even if normal is going to be different than it has ever been before.

so here we go... on to 2012... let the blogging resume!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Tagging along, part 1

So today . . . I second shot my first wedding! Well, sort of...

About a month ago, my daughter the super awesome wedding photographer, asked me if I wanted to travel to the San Francisco bay area this weekend with her. I said yesyesyesofcourseidoyes!!!! And so here I am.

On the way up, Diandra asked if I wanted to help her during the wedding. I said yesyesofcourseidoyes!!! But, since I'm not a photographer, I didn't know how much help I would be. Once we got started though, I found that there were a lot of things I could do. I ran errands. I held things. I fetched and carried. And I took a few pictures too... With diandra's new iphone4s!

I had to be a little sneaky, because I didn't want people to think the wedding photos were being taken with a phone! But whenever I get to go with Diandra on a photo shoot, I love taking pictures of her taking pictures. So I did! And the bride and groom were so cute that I couldn't help taking some of them too. And I was going to post some of my pretty great shots, but I'm blogging on my iPad and can't figure out how to add photos. And it is now 1:46 a.m. and we have to get up EARLY tomorrow and drive home. Well actually, I won't be going home-Diandra will take me directly to lax because I am flying to Portland for Christmas tomorrow!

And so, while today was loooong, it was wonderful too! I love going to weddings with Diandra. She is super awesome and so good at what she does. It makes me so proud to watch her capture the beauty and emotions of such an important day for people. And rumor has it that I might get the opportunity to go with her again...