Wednesday, October 13, 2010

am i not speaking clearly enough?!?!?

so today . . . it has been a long and difficult day. so was yesterday. and monday was no picnic either. some days are like that--very busy and full of stuff that i either can't, or won't, blog.

one of my rules--don't write anything mean about anybody. ever. sometimes, that is a challenge :)

which means that today i have very little material for a blog. but i don't want to fall into the habit of only blogging a couple of times a week--i prefer to blog every day. so i am going to repost one of my old myspace blogs. i haven't done that in a while, but i remembered this one earlier in the week when i was writing about periods and commas. don't expect to laugh out loud, but i think you will at least smile...

this was originally posted on monday, november 12, 2007. that was almost three years ago. this was before i was blogging all the time. you may notice, my early blogs were much more concise :)

today was a rough day at school--wild, yappy kids all day long! but i did laugh twice and thought i would share why before i forget.

first, i was getting ready to read a thanksgiving story, so i was reviewing what we had read about last week--you know, the pilgrims leaving england, the journey across the ocean, and building a new life in america. when i asked, "and who remembers the name of the ship they sailed on?" one little girl raised her and exclaimed "the cauliflower!"

then later i was introducing the concept of a sentence during phonics instruction. i was showing them that a sentence begins with an upper case letter and ends with a punctuation mark--either a period or exclamation point or question mark. the examples i had written on the board all ended with periods, since that is the one most commonly used. so when we were reviewing, i would ask, "how do we know this is a sentence?" and they responded that it began with an upper case letter. then i said, "and what else?" and the response i heard from more than one child was, "and it ends with a pyramid!"

kids are still funny. we have been talking about christopher columbus this week, and for some reason my kids cannot say his name correctly. so while i say we have been talking about christopher columbus, the truth is that in my classroom this year, he is more commonly referred to as christopher coLUMPus.


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mom said...

Cute stories. Kids are so innocent!!