Wednesday, December 24, 2008

i have a blog!

SO, TODAY i was cleaning out my email inbox, and i ran across an email from vistaprint (which many of you have probably also received) advertising 250 free business cards. i have received this email several times and deleted it, but this time it caught my eye because diandra had mentioned that she needed to order some business cards. so i opened it and started playing around on it and decided i needed business cards myself--well, maybe NEEDED isn't the right word--but they were free, and i thought it might be handy to have some. first, i picked a background. mine is a turquoise blue with a bright yellow sunflower on the left. and then the trouble began . . . i started filling in the information to be printed on the front of the card and realized that there wasn't that much information to include. i put my name, address, home phone number, and email on it, but the card looked kind of sparse. i don't own a business and didn't want to make the card "cute" by listing my hobbies. finally i thought maybe i could put "consultant" on it. what does that really mean anyway? just that you will tell people what you think about something, and i can do that! i thought about putting my myspace url on too, but since that is set to private, it really isn't going to do most people any good to have it. then diandra said, "you put your home address and phone number on your cards?!?!" i kind of thought that was standard information--i mean it is in the phone book (although does anyone use the phone book anymore?) she said she thought it would be better to put my cell phone number on it. but i kind of guard my cell phone number--do i really want it printed on my "business" cards? i don't know . . . i don't know . . . by now i have almost given up on business cards when diandra suggests that maybe i need a blog. then i could add my blog address instead of myspace. i already blog on myspace, and enjoy it, but it isn't accessible to everyone i know. so i decide that maybe i do need my own blog. so here it is! now i can go back and get those business cards, and maybe even post it notes and pens and rubber stamps and return address labels . . . and if you know anyone who needs a consultant, you know where to find me--right here at

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