Sunday, January 23, 2011

the week in review

so today . . . i am going to blog, even though i have nothing to write about.

it has been a week since i last blogged! i hate that!! it isn't that i haven't had thoughts, but i just haven't been able to get my thoughts collected enough to blog them. i don't know about the rest of you, but i'm sure my mom has checked for a new blog every day. she probably thinks i have been really sick, since that is usually the only thing that keeps me from blogging for such a long time.

well, mom, i haven't been sick--except for my brain. it is fatigued.

just to sort of catch you up, here are some excerpts from my week...
--on monday i went to the doctor. and exasperated her just a little bit.
--on wednesday we went south for a meeting. i got a new phone. we went to the outlet mall. i did NOT buy a new coach purse.
--on thursday i went back to the doctor for lab work. this included an "incident" on the freeway. (don't worry mom, i wasn't in an accident.)
--on friday i played with my new phone and decided i loved it.
--on saturday i went with diandra to pick up her wedding dress. then we went to dinner with some friends, and after trying to use the gps program on my new phone, i decided i hated it.
--today i went to church and took a nap. after the week i had, i really needed one! (wait, i just read what i wrote and realized it sounded like i took a nap at church. i didn't. i never sleep at church! if i did, what would be the point of going?!? we did, however, get a late start, because several of us--who happen to be in charge--were comparing our phones, and we sort of lost track of the time... no, i'm not proud of it, but i try to tell you the truth, even when it shows me in a less than stellar light...)

there was some good blogging material in there. and i'm not quite sure how i am going to work it in, since i usually write about what happened today, but i will have to find a way...

i thought about going ahead and writing out the blogs and manipulating the dates, but then you might not find them. maybe i will just write about them like they happened this week. no one would know. it isn't like any of you are spying on me to see if what i am writing actually happened on the day i wrote about it. although, after what i just said about telling you the truth, that sounds sort of deceitful...

let's just say, if you see a blog about my doctor visit, or a freeway incident, or my new phone, or getting lost, it is a flashback... all the way back to last week... they do that on t.v. all the time, right? i think i could get away with that...

just go with me on this one.


Carroll said...

Glad you're back. I do check daily and when you're absent for a few days, I get worried. But I try to tell myself you're busy and you have a lot on your plate right now with moving, etc. So hang in there. You only have today so do what you can to accomplish something positive that will help make the move easier. Is that even possible. An easier move???

mom said...

New phone, huh? Do you have a new number and did you stay with Sprint? Just wondered. Sounded like an interesting and busy week.