Saturday, April 2, 2011

it's hot. it's cold. it must be spring!

so today . . . it was cold.

i knew it was going to get cold again, because i just put my winter clothes in the extra closet and moved my summer clothes back into my room. i did this because it was so hot last week. the week before that it rained. and rained and rained and rained. but last week was really nice. and it is april, so you would think the seasonal clothing migration would be safe. so i moved out the warm sweaters and everything with long sleeves, and replaced them with summer tops and lightweight jackets.

and so, of course, today it was cold.

usually my clothes don't migrate until easter weekend. easter weekend usually marks the start of spring for me, not the calendar. but last week was sooooo nice. and you know, sometimes easter is in march, and the cadbury eggs are already out at wal-mart, and there is a new movie out about the easter bunny... so i jumped the gun and switched out the clothes.

i felt like i had to do it, because on thursday it was so hot, i was worried about the kids being outside at recess. i don't know why, but our chinese parents tend to overdress their kids. and by overdress, i mean that on a day when the forecast says it will be over 80 degrees outside, those kids will come to school wearing a turtleneck long-sleeved t-shirt, another long-sleeved t-shirt over that, a short sleeved t-shirt over that, and a hoodie zipped up over them all!

ok. i tend to get cold. and so even when hot temperatures are forecast, i typically wear a lightweight cardigan over my short-sleeved shirt in the morning. but three shirts and a hoodie?!?! that seems just a bit excessive. so on thursday, as we were undressing kids (because we had to take off all those shirts so that they could just wear the t-shirt outside,) i was still worried about the heat. i was DYING, and i was standing in the shade!! but the kids seemed oblivious. they were running around and playing in that hot sun, beads of sweat forming on their foreheads, only stopping for an occasional drink. i kept expecting them to drop from heat exhaustion, but our playground seemed to be inhabited by energizer bunny clones...

so yesterday i gathered my warm weather wardrobe (ah, alliteration...) and prepared for spring. and then today proved it was spring, as the weather changed once again.

fortunately, i do have cardigan sweaters and lightweight jackets still in my closet.

fortunately, my "ugg" boots are still in my closet.

fortunately, i did not replace my long pants with shorts just yet.

and fortunately, diandra's winter clothes are still in her closet, which is just down the hall...

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mom said...

Still snowing here at the 2500 foot level and the rain is coming down outside my door. Now in Iowa this rain would be spring but here in Oregon it's just winter continued. Only one warm day so far. Maybe that's why Easter is so late. Spring won't come until Easter. We can only hope.