Wednesday, April 11, 2012

the tv saga continues... but with renewed hope!

so today . . .  i got an email back from samsung.

"Dear Samsung Customer,

We apologize for the inconvenience you have experienced with your Samsung product.

Your request for service has been forwarded to an Authorized Samsung Service Center who will be in touch with you shortly.

Please visit our web site to track the status of any service tickets you have registered with Samsung.

You can also chat with one of our agents to follow up with your service request.

Thank you for being a Samsung Customer

Rajiv Mehta
V.P. Samsung Service Operations"

i think this is good news.  if they weren't going to cover the damage to the tv, surely they would have told us by now.  surely they wouldn't be kicking this on up the food chain just to finally tell us 'no.'  they've seen the pictures.  they read my letter.  i think this whole warranty thing is going to be the answer!

so i am encouraged.  i am starting to see visions of a 59 inch plasma tv on my family room wall.  without a big crack in it!  i am thinking that i might be able to read the information from shopping tv when i am cooking in the kitchen.  (ok, cooking is maybe a little bit of an exaggeration.  maybe it would be more accurate to say 'when i am preparing food...'  or eating food...)   i am hopeful that we will finally have a tv that is big enough to cover up the damage that the previous owners left on the wall over the fireplace, (which really doesn't matter, because i know that it is there, and one day i am going to have to spackle and paint it anyway... even if no one can see it behind the giant tv...)  i am grateful that i won't have to go back to walmart and try to convince a suspicious customer service person that i didn't impale that giant screen with an ice pick (because that is what it looks like, although it is probably damage from a forklift.)

so thank you samsung!  i look forward to hearing from you...

... i think.

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