Thursday, June 24, 2010

back to school--and it's still june!

so today . . . i am sitting here, wishing i had engaged my brain last week when i was asked to substitute this week. because if i had, i am sure i would have said no . . .

friday was my last day of teaching my class for the summer. i had a busy weekend, and then got up early and went in to sub on monday morning. it was fine.

and then i spent the next three days on summer vacation.

usually the beginning of my summer vacation is busy. i start out doing all the stuff around the house that i don't have time to do during the school year. this year there is a lot to do, because i was sick so much last year. so i have been scrubbing bathroom fixtures with a pumice stone, organizing and putting away my school stuff, and vacuuming nooks and crannies that i don't always take the time to do.

but most importantly, i have been staying up really late :)

yes, that is what i do in the summer. i stay up late. whether i am working on a project, or watching tv, or reading a book, i almost always see midnight come and go. which has been the case the last three days.

but last week, while i was still teaching, i was asked to substitute monday and friday of this week, and next monday. it seemed like a good idea at the time--it would help out my friends at school, and although i would have to get up early, i would be home before 2:00 each day. so i thought it wouldn't be that big of a deal.

i was wrong.

monday wasn't too bad. but now that i have had three days off, the thought of getting up early and going in tomorrow is not very appealing. i want to stay up late tonight. i want to keep working on my projects. i want to VACUUM!

i just want to stay home.

but they are expecting me at school. the early birds will be all alone if i stay in bed. twelve kindergarteners will run amok if there is not someone there to corral them. i have to go. just two more days.

and then i will be done. really. finally.


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mom said...

Think of the extra money to spend. That's what I do...