Monday, June 7, 2010

vacation: a time to try something new . . .

so today . . . we shaved rollie's head.

he's been thinking about it for a while. i think it was originally diandra's idea. i was not really on board, because while a shaved head looks good on some people, it looks equally not good on others. and how can a person tell which way it will go?

i felt the same way the first time he shaved off his moustache. it scared diandra (of course she was only two,) and i didn't like it at all. he quickly let it grow back and kept it in place on his face for the next 20 years. then, when he decided he wanted his hair short--really, really short--i didn't like that either. but when i got used the the short, short hair look, i found that i did like it. and now that the moustache has been gone for a while, i like that too.

he almost had a shaved head several months ago. it was time for a haircut, but i forgot to put the attachment on the shaver that regulates the length of the hair. i started at the back of his neck and went straight up to the crown of his head, and was horrified to see that i had just shaved a bald strip right up the back of his head!!! i just stopped and looked at it. i didn't know what i was going to do. he was laughing, but i was crying. it was terrible! and to make it even worse, this was on a saturday, and he had to get up and preach on sunday!! i tried to fix it by cutting the rest pretty short, and then sort of blending the edges of the shaved part in. and then i told him not to turn his back to the congregation on sunday . . . i must have done a good job of camouflage, because hardly anyone noticed. but i was still horrified.

rollie is on vacation this week. i still have to work, so he hasn't planned a lot of activity for this time. he will mostly be hanging out at home, reading, watching movies, napping . . . so this seemed like the perfect opportunity to give shaved a chance. (you notice how i said shaved, not bald. because bald is what we are trying to avoid. apparently bald=bad, but shaved=good.) because if we shave his head this week and it looks terrible, it won't matter. he can just stay home or wear a hat if he goes out. and his hair grows very quickly, so if he decides he doesn't like the shaved look, he will have time to grow some fuzz on top before he really has to go back to work.

so it is done. and it doesn't look bad. but i'm not sure i really like it either. yet. it may be like the moustache and shorter hair, and after i get used to it, i will like it. it is just too early to tell. i was going to post a picture, but i am having issues emailing pics from my phone. so until i can get the pictures from my phone to my computer to my blog, you will just have to use your imaginations.

which may be a good thing. because i think once you have let your imaginations loose on the idea of rollie with a shaved head, a picture of the real thing will be a relief.


Diandra Ann said...

YAY!!! I cant believe I wasnt there to see it! :(

mom said...

Tried to read this yesterday and it kept disappearing from the screen of the laptop. About ready to junk that laptop. I remember when Rollie had that head of hair that he kept styled to a T. Can't imagine him without hair....Waiting for the picture!!!