Tuesday, June 1, 2010

14 more days!

so today . . . is the beginning of the end . . .

. . . of school :)

there is something about memorial day that always says, "summer is here! let the wild rumpus begin!" i know it is just one monday off work, but it always feels like summer has arrived. flags fly. neighbors barbeque. parks and ball fields are packed. it's summer!

and then, on tuesday, the cosmos plays an evil joke and sends us all back to work.

so here i sit, inside, trying to keep kids busy, when we all know that we belong outside in the sunshine. but we have three weeks of school left before summer vacation! no one can concentrate--not even the teacher! the talking and laughing seems incessant. we just want to PLAY!!! and yet, there are still things we have to do before the end of the year. so i try to reel them in enough to do what absolutely HAS to be done, while at the same time revising that list.

yes, while my body is still in the classroom, my brain is poolside. with a book.

two weeks, four days and counting . . .

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Albert said...

heh heh. i could have checked this earlier than 11:10 pm!!