Monday, May 31, 2010

a day to remember . . .

**i deleted this post this morning after reading diandra's comment explaining memorial day, because i felt kind of dumb. but tonight i decided to let it stand.

so today
. . . is memorial day.

i admit that i am a little confused by this holiday. i always thought it was a day to remember those we love who are no longer with us. but it seems that everyone who is making any mention of celebrating this day is talking exclusively about people in the military. i thought that was what veteran's day was about. so now i am confused . . .

please don't misunderstand me. i absolutely think that anyone who is brave enough and selfless enough to enlist and serve in the military deserves every honor and prayer we can send their way. there are people in my life who have made that choice, and while it scares me to think of them in combat, it also makes me proud of them for being willing to make the sacrifices necessary to serve our country and make the world a safer place.

but i think it is good to have a day to reflect on the people we love that are gone now--a day when we can take some time to remember those we have lost, whether in the military or not.

there are three people that i think about every year on memorial day--my grandma, a special little girl named angela, and my friend nancy. every year i take a few minutes to just remember them--how they looked, how they sounded, what they meant in my life, how much i miss them . . . and this year i added my uncle jim, and my friend jim, to that list.

my list is short now, and i am grateful for that. i am very grateful that, even though this is apparently a day to focus on those who have died in service to their country, i don't know anyone like that. and i hope i never do.

i do know that as i get older, my list is going to get longer. but that is ok. i know i can't live my life continually mourning these losses, but i don't want to forget. these are people i love, and i miss them. each one of them was important to me and had an impact on my life. i want to honor them and remember them and keep them always alive in my heart.

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Diandra Ann said...

I think Memorial day is to remember those who have passed away in fighting for our country, while veteran's day is for honoring those who have served and are still alive... even though I think they kind of get interchanged and mixed up.