Monday, May 24, 2010

oh where, oh where has my funny bone gone?

so today . . . i can't blog.

i'm fine. i'm not sad or gloomy or mad or sick. it just isn't happening today. sadly, the funny isn't flowing.

i think it is because i am tired and busy. i did not get caught up on my sleep this weekend. in fact, i am probably in worse shape tonight than i was on friday! and i've got a lot to do right now.

i'm not complaining, because i am actually feeling better than i have in a long time. this is how i looked a few months ago when i was in urgent care.(yes, we take pictures in urgent care. and ambulances. hey, we didn't get to go on a cruise this year--we have to take pictures of something!!!)

i kind of think (and hope) that i am on my way back out of my black hole. but as i've said before, sometimes it takes a lot of effort to be funny and hopefully entertaining. which is usually ok, because i really like to write stuff that makes you laugh.

but not today.

this is the third blog i've started. the other two were good ideas, but as i was writing them i found i was just recounting events, which wasn't as funny as it could have been. and i hate to waste a good story just because i am too tired to be funny.

so i am going to go eat some jello and then go to bed.

yes, jello. orange jello. with lots and lots and lots of cool whip. :)

you know you are jealous!


mom said...

Get some rest!!!! Jello with cool whip sounds good to me.....mmmmm maybe just cool whip...

Carroll said...

It's okay not to be funny! You know life isn't funny come to think of it. Anyhow, maybe your funny bone is tired too. So glad you're feeling better. Could it be that summer's coming and you are anticipating not working? That's enough to make you feel better!