Friday, May 21, 2010

a few funny stories

so today . . . i want to share some funny kid stories with you.

this morning i had been at school for about half an hour, when rollie appeared in my doorway with a diet lemon cokesi! i did not expect it at all, but i was feeling the need for one, so i was very excited. i jumped up from my desk, took the soda from him, hugged him and kissed him quick, and said thank you. this is not the first time this has happened, so it shouldn't have been a big deal. but one little girl was just speechless, so i jumped into my explanation of kissing being for our families, and as i always do, i said, "doesn't your mommy kiss your daddy sometimes?" which usually gets a positive response. but she said, "no, my daddy was really mean to my mommy." then she paused, while i was standing there thinking, "uh oh, now what do i say?" and then she said, "but now she has a boyfriend!"

suddenly i was the one who was speechless.

it is funny how kids make the connection between home and school. if parents only knew the stuff their precious darling children tell us! one day for handwriting, the kindergarteners were given a list of "special sounds," and their job was to complete the words. but to do it, they had to think of words that began with combinations like ch, th, sh, and fr. i explained how to do it, and then sat down at my desk while they worked. a few minutes passed, when i looked up and saw elvis standing next to me. "teacher," he whispered, "i shouldn't write sh** should i? because that is a bad word!" "um, no elvis, it is probably not a good idea to write that particular word--even if it does start with sh," i replied. clearly he had heard it somewhere, but at least he knew he shouldn't say it at school . . .

it was soon time for music, and i was sitting with two of the challenging dumplings next to me. there are days when they want to sing, and there are days when they don't. and on the days that they don't want to sing? well, we have found the best solution is if they come and sit by me. otherwise they create chaos all around them. so we were sitting there listening to the other kids sing, when luke said, "teacher, come here. i have to tell you a secret!" so i leaned toward him, and he whispered into my ear, "i love you."

yeah, go ahead and say it, "awwwwww."

sarah, who was on the other side of me, didn't want to be left out. so she said, "i have a secret too!" and then she said, "do you want to come to my house?" she did not whisper, so her voice was audible. but luke, who was standing on the other side of my head, looked amazed. and said, "teacher! i can hear her!!"

yes, apparently my brain had gone awol, and my head was just one big empty megaphone--at least according to luke!

sarah is a funny girl. a few weeks ago one of the little girls in her class was telling one of the teachers about how her grandma had taken her to chinatown over the weekend. sarah was listening. and not one to be outdone, she said, "oh yeah? well, over the weekend MY grandma took me to spanish world!"

spanish world. really.


Carroll said...

Absolutely too cute. And I love you too Ms. Julie!

Diandra Ann said...

Spanish world? HA!
And I love the one when the little boy heard through your head!!!