Sunday, May 9, 2010

the search for perfection

so today . . .  is mother's day.

but yesterday i realized that since i write late at night, you don't get to read it until the following day. and that results in all of my holiday blogs popping up the day after.  but i wanted the blog about my mom to show up on the right day, so i wrote it yesterday.  and now, i am going to write about my mother's day.

when i got up, i saw this:
hmmm--this looked very odd to me.  so i opened it up, and this was what was inside:
o kaaaaay.  i am thinking this is starting to look like a very odd mother's day card.  and it has to be a mother's day card, right? because it is mother's day.  what else could it be?  i opened it up and saw:
and then i laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed.

my husband is so funny!  because i am pretty sure that he helped mia with this.  (yeah, she looks so innocent, but you notice how she sort of threw milo under the bus and took all the credit herself!)
after church we went to lunch, and we were talking about birthdays and holidays and cards and how i don't buy cards for rollie very often anymore, because he just throws them away.  "i don't just throw them away," he said, somewhat indignantly.  "i read them first!"  see, i told you he is funny. 

diandra and i then headed off in search of the perfect handbag--yes, that is what she had decided i should have for mother's day this year.  she was going to choose one and give it to me today, but as she looked around (and read my blogs,) she thought that maybe we should go look together--since i had requirements and she wasn't sure she could meet them.

we started at the mall.  big mistake.  because, you know, there are a lot of other things at the mall and we are easily distracted.  we were there for a couple of hours, and when we left, i was still handbagless.  but each of us had found the perfect pair of denim leggings--so while the perfect handbag eluded us, we did score some perfection in the form of stretchy denim!

our next destination was burlington coat factory, where the score became perfect handbag-0, perfect shoes for diandra-1.  i happened to mention the perfect turquoise guess handbag that comes to our cell group every week, and she said, "why didn't we look at the guess store?!?"  i don't know--we walked right past it.  so we went back to the mall, where the score became perfect handbag-0, cinnabon-4!  (although they were mini-sized . . . )  we made a quick run through target, and then went on to t.j. maxx.  and when we left, the score was perfect handbag-0, perfect wallet for diandra-1.  we tried marshalls, which did not affect the score at all.  and our final stop at ross did not cough up the perfect bag either.  that's right, we shopped all afternoon, and i came home without a new handbag.

but i had a great mother's day.  diandra is a lot of fun to be with.  and funny.  in one store as we were sorting through piles of handbags, she said, "look for the ones with alarms--they are nicer!"

presents are nice.  i like presents.  and eventually we will find that handbag, and she will get it for my mother's day gift.  and i will enjoy it for a long time and remember our search.  and smile. 

but today, spending time with the only one on the planet who calls me mom, was even better than finding the perfect anything.  as mother's days go, this one was perfect!
(hey, it was the 80's . . . )


Albert said...

yo yo yo.. great blog, great pictures. it was a little pitchy there in the beginning, but you pulled it together in the end. lol


Jewelielyn said...

wow, thanks! who knew randy jackson read my blog and commented under the pseudonym of "albert!" ;)

mom said...

Love that adorable picture. Know you have a good time shopping. Did you miss the Coach store??

Jewelielyn said...

i know--diandra was so cute!!! and we walked quickly past the coach store before it sucked us in. it was kind of above our pay scale . . .