Friday, July 2, 2010

so, who decides what is funny?

so today . . . was fun--even though there were spiders.

it started before i even got out of bed. it just felt like a play day. rollie was immediately on board--today was his day off and he had already completed his "to do" list before my eyes were even open. diandra was home trying to prepare for our trip next week, because she is going to be working at the fireworks stand for the next 64+ hours, and then we leave for portland. and of course, i have my list to complete before i head out of town as well. but we all felt like doing nothing, and the dogs were doing their very best to distract us from our work, so we finally decided to work until 12:30 and then break for lunch.

rollie headed off to the man room, because his work was done. diandra was cleaning her room, and i was working downstairs. and then i heard some of my favorite words--"mom, do you want this?" i looked upstairs, and there she was, holding the orange dress with the turquoise beads on it that i wore when she was in texas. "YES!" i said, "that is one of my favorite dresses." "well," she said, "it is brand new--i've never even worn it. in fact, you have worn it more than i have...and here is that top you said you liked. do you want that too?"

i knew her clothes would come home to me . . .

i was pretty excited about these new additions to my wardrobe, so of course i updated my fb status--Diandra is cleaning out her closet. My favorite part? "mom, do you want this?" It's like Christmas in July for me! :) which would have been fine if i hadn't felt compelled to reply to a response by one of my friends with these words--that is the beauty of having a daughter who takes me shopping with her. i SAY "oh get this diandra--it would look really cute on you!" but i am THINKING "oh get this diandra--it would look really cute on ME!" hehehe. sometimes i forget that everyone (including diandra) can read what i write to someone else . . .

i knew she had read it when i saw her face at lunch. we had traveled in separate cars to rubio's and she and rollie got there first. when i walked up to their table, i could tell by the look on her face that she had read what i had written. i tried to convince her that i was just being funny, but she wasn't buying it.

we finished lunch and went to old navy. old navy is not her store of choice, but it was close, she needed shorts, and we had stuff to do today. we walked in and immediately saw cute tops. i went right on by, because i had all those new clothes from diandra waiting for me at home. she, however, noticed the tops. "what do you think about this?" she asked me. "i think it is very cute. you should get it," i said. she looked at me, her eyes narrowed, and then she said, "you just want me to get it, because i don't need tops and you think one day i will give it to you."

and that is how our afternoon went. she was so suspicious! i was afraid i was going to have to resort to telling her that everything looked awful, just so she would start believing what i said! i think we have never shopped so long and purchased so little.

but that is ok, because it really wasn't about shopping today. diandra could have just gone to american eagle by herself, bought shorts, and come home. but where is the fun in that?!? today it was about having some fun. and we had fun when rollie was teasing her about spiders (well, rollie had fun then--diandra, not so much,) she had fun teasing me about coveting her clothes, i had fun when she gave me her clothes, we all had fun eating lunch together, and i am pretty sure she had fun taunting me all afternoon about my shopping motives.

one day i was in the car with diandra and i was laughing at something she had said. i said, "you are so funny!" "i'm not sure it is a good thing that you think i am so funny," she replied, "because when you say that so often, i start to believe it. so now i think i am funny. . . but i'm not sure that everyone else agrees."

i find that hard to believe. i think all three of us are hysterical! maybe it is just that we know how to tell a story to make it funny. maybe it is just that we know how to push each other's funny buttons. or maybe we are not really funny at all and are just deluded . . .

i don't know, but it doesn't really matter. because the important thing is that we can make each other laugh!

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