Saturday, July 10, 2010

vacation: day 4

so today . . . we went to the antique show.

the antique show and i have a long history together. i've spent more days than i can remember out there trolling the aisles for hidden treasure, and today was no different.

well, actually, that isn't true. today was different. today i went looking for cheap treasures--and by cheap, i mean less than $5. today my dad didn't go with us. he is the negotiating king, but today we had to do our own negotiating. today i apparently wasn't the only one out there with a small wrist shopping for bracelets, because the tiny, sparkly bracelet i went back to get was gone . . . which is probably ok, because it cost more than $5. and today, instead of just shopping and enjoying being with my mom and my daughter, i spent some time listening to what was being said around me. the result is my TOP TEN LIST OF THINGS OVERHEARD AT THE ANTIQUE SHOW.

10-"it's not real old, but it's solid--there's no breaks or cracks in it."
9-"i know my daughter, and i know what she thinks!!"
8-"we are going to go up every stinkin' aisle and look at what i want and not what i don't!"
7-"i know you are bored with all of this..."
6-"what do you know about this picture?" and the reply, "it's old. it's very old!"
5-"i'm so proud of you! you bought something!" (aren't these words we would all love to hear...)
4-"i wish we had something old in our family..." and the response, "we do--we have grandma!"
3-"that's because i'm #4 on speed dial!"
2-"i just think you should know, if you buy that, i'm not going to keep it when you die!"

and the number one thing overheard at the antique show...
1-"i'm not going to buy this! it's been used!"

seriously? at the antique show? it's been used?!?! isn't that kind of the nature of antiques?? you know, old stuff? and yet, maybe the definition of old is somewhat relative...

diandra was looking for old cameras to display in her office. again. "ooo mom, what do you think about this one?" she asked. i turned around to see what she was holding."that's not an old camera," i said, "i had one of those when i was a kid!"

she just looked at me, raised her eyebrows, and smiled.

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