Tuesday, November 30, 2010

with my last bit of mental energy...

so today . . .

i am tired.

i am sick.

but i have drugs. :)

(the good kind, not the illegal kind. although, since i live in california, apparently now some of the illegal kind are also the good kind... but that is not the kind i am talking about.)

i am staying home from work tomorrow. to sleep. to mainline liquids. and to adjust to the new drugs. i am hoping one day will be enough, because i didn't spend today at work--i spent it at urgent care. being poked with needles. getting rehydrated. lying under warm blankets--yes, i was the warm blanket hog at kaiser today.

i've been here before, so i know that in a week or so i am going to be feeling much better. the trick is doing everything the doctor said to do. i'm not going to lie--a few days in the hospital sounded like a pretty good idea this morning. at least in the hospital i wouldn't have to remember everything the doctor said... AND they bring you food and drinks... AND they have hgtv... AND no one wants anything from you... well, except small amounts of blood occasionally.

but i am apparently not that sick.

curses! foiled again!!

it is taking all my brain power to stay upright and alert, so there isn't much left over for blogging today. but modern medicine is a miracle, and i am sure i will be back to my usual verbose self soon.

so be warned. or happy. i guess it all depends on how you feel about hearing every little detail of my life...

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mom said...

Get better. Glad you went to the doctor. Drugs are good!!