Thursday, August 5, 2010

don't mess with a blogger!

so today . . . rollie said i am a disturbance!

he didn't exactly use those words... but i know that is what he meant.

the nature of rollie's job means that it is usually one interruption after another--people, people, phone calls, more people. and that is fine, unless he is doing something that requires him to maintain a train of thought--like writing his sermons. when he needs an interruption-free zone, he works at home. in the man room. which works pretty well during the school year when i am not here. but in the summer...

and he has gadget ears (remember inspector gadget?) so he hears every tiny little noise--through walls, through closed doors, even on a different floor of the house! so when he is working at home, i try to be as quiet as i can be...

but he is home. and i can't always remember what i want to tell him if i have to wait. so if i think of something important, i just go the man room and tell him.

this is exactly the kind of thing he works at home to avoid.

this morning as i was laying in bed, trying to convince myself i should get up, i picked up my phone and read my texts and emails. there were two comments from people about yesterday's blog. this got me started thinking about next week, and not eating, and being alone with no one to complain to... and then i thought, "wait, if my procedure is next week, then i only have two weeks left before school starts. that can't be right." so i went downstairs, found my appointment card, and checked the date. hmmm. apparently my procedure is not next week--it is the 19th!

YAY!! i'm doing the happy dance!

so of course i went up to the man room to share this wonderful news with rollie. because he had been kind of upset when he realized he was going to be gone, and i was going to have do deal with all of that alone (you see, he wasn't thinking it was his lucky day--well, maybe just a little bit, with the involuntary part of his brain. but the part of his brain that he controls was worried about me.) then i said, "now i am going to have to print a retraction, because i just blogged about how terrible it was going to be to waste my 'alone' days prepping for my procedure." (i usually call it my "procedure" because that is more vague than colonoscopy. people tend to get this panicky look in their eyes when they hear the word colonoscopy--even if they have never had one.) "you did?" he said. "i haven't read it yet." and he immediately pulled the blog up on his computer and read it. then he laughed and said, "it changes the air pressure when i am home?!?!?!" "yes," i replied, "it does. i can't explain it, but it does."

i started to leave the room, and he said, "can you close the door? because it works both ways, you know..."

SEE!!!!! he thinks i am a disturbance! at least to his air pressure...

i closed the door and came immediately to my computer.

because the blogger always gets the last word.



Rollie said...

What I meant by that comment - Love of my Life - is that you are a DISTRACTION. When you are home I don't want to work - I want to be with you!

mom said...

Glad you will have 3 wonderful worryfree days next week. Enjoy it all.....

Also can you explain to me about this word verification I have to do before sending any comments. They don't appear on my phone and that is what keeps me from being able to send comments from my phone.

Light said...

so um...I have the same problem with my hubby. I want to chat away and I know he just wants me to be quiet sometimes. It's hard when you have so many things to say!

Wendy said...

Awww.... what a sweet husband! His comment touched my heart! Ummm...I want a dislkie button. We are going to be down there the 20- 23 and now you will not feel like Rainforest Cafe! :( sniff!

Jewelielyn said...

rollie--i know . . . it just skewed so funny in my brain! thanks for letting me throw you under the bus, once again, for the sake of the blog! i <3 u!
mom--i'll get back to you on that word thing.
light--i don't know why God gave us so many words with nowhere to put them!!!
wendy--my "procedure" is on the 19th. trust me, i'll be eating again by the time you get here! :)