Sunday, August 15, 2010

writer's block

so today . . . i seem to be experiencing writer's block.

i haven't blogged in a few days. i've tried. i've started several, but they just aren't very good. i don't think it is very interesting if my blog is just an accounting of my daily activities. if i can't find some humor or ridiculousness in it, then it isn't very much fun to write. and i'm sure it isn't very much fun to read.

the truth is, i am kind of experiencing emotional overload, so "funny" is kind of elusive. i'm not in the middle of a crisis or anything, i just have a lot on my mind. i thought about taking a little break from blogging, but every time i say i am going to do that, suddenly funny stuff starts happening. which might be a good technique to employ, now that i think about it...

so we will just have to wait and see what happens in the next few days. i'm not going to waste your time by blogging if i don't really have anything to say--well, after i write this one :) but i am hopeful that once i give my brain permission to rest, it will get funny again.

and if that doesn't work, don't despair. school starts in two weeks, and oh, the class i am going to have this year... a lot of rowdy boys in a very small space...

i'm already stockpiling the valium :)

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mom said...

Love the dog picture. What a good idea. Hot here today. I may try this for me....5th day of 90 degree weather.