Saturday, September 4, 2010

the best laid plans . . .

so today . . . it was HOT!

it was so hot, i didn't want to go out to lunch, (and you know how i love to eat!)

it was so hot, the dogs stayed in the house instead of going outside and laying in the dirt. (i don't know why they do that--they lay there and squint into the sun...)

it was so hot, i loaned my car to diandra since she had to go shoot a wedding today. (not so good if your wedding photographer shows up drenched in sweat because she chose to buy the fun jeep wrangler with no a/c instead of the pt cruiser convertible her mother thought she should get... which i am sure would have had air conditioning.)

it was so hot, i waited until the sun went down to start the laundry (so now i will be up half the night finishing it. because since i don't iron, our clothes have to go straight from the warm dryer to their hangers.)

it was so hot, i drank a whole 2 liter bottle of pepsi one. by myself. (i know i should have been drinking water or iced tea, but it was so hot and the pepsi was so refreshing.)

(perhaps i should mention here that we do have air conditioning. and it was on. and working just fine. but i knew it was hot outside...)

we have had a lovely, temperate summer, but it is looking like we are going to have a searing hot september. when it gets over 90 degrees, i prefer air conditioning to fresh air. so we had decided to just stay home today. i was settled in with my computer and scanner, digitizing old negatives, and rollie was watching sports or something. we were perfectly happy.

and then the phone rang.

yesterday rollie took his car in to have the oil changed. when it was done, he came and picked me up from school. he hit the button to open the trunk so i could put my stuff in, and nothing happened. we quickly discovered that the electronic locks weren't working either. so the car had to go back in so that they could fix whatever they broke while changing the oil.

it was just a burned out fuse, but it required an overnight stay at the mazda dealership--which required us to go out into the 95 degree heat at 2:00 this afternoon to pick it up. at least, that is what they said when rollie answered his phone.

i drove. i got to the mazda lot and slowed down just enough for rollie to leap out of the car. because you know, if i had stopped, the air conditioning would have quit cooling. i made a quick turnaround and headed home to the air conditioned cool of the interior of our house. but as i pulled into the driveway, i remembered that i had not taken my handbag with me--i had just grabbed my sunglasses and my wallet when we left. this meant that i did not have a house key and was now locked out. in the heat. we have a key hidden in a secret place in the backyard, (go ahead stalkers--just try to find it! even if you do, you will never make it past our vicious attack dogs. and even if you survive being licked to death, we do have an alarm system. and the police do come. even when the house is a mess...) but it was so hot, i didn't want to go all the way around the house, make the dogs bark, come back to unlock the door, go back around to replace the key... it all sounded like too much trouble. i decided i would just sit in the shade and wait for rollie to come home. he should be right behind me. he should be home any minute...

and then i thought, wait. what if there is a problem? what if his car still isn't right, and i need to go back and get him? what if he has an accident on the way home? what if the repair cost thousands and thousands of dollars, and he can't pay for it until after i get paid at the end of the month? (because my paycheck is soooo huge!)

after i sat there in the shade for a couple of minutes, thinking these terrible thoughts, i realized that not only did i not have my house key, i also did not have my cell phone... which meant if any of those terrible things happened, he would not be able to reach me.

so i trudged around the house, made the dogs bark, retrieved the key, came back to unlock the front door, and returned the key to it's hiding place... and then rollie drove up.

maybe we should have just gone to lunch...

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