Monday, September 20, 2010

the tweet that never arrived

so today . . . i know i need to blog.

my recent blogging has been somewhat sporadic, as most of you know. i've just been either up to my neck in work or too exhausted to think. but today i left work on time, for the first time in three weeks! so i have hope that life is on it's way back to normal... and that means blogging.

so let's see... what to write, what to write...

this morning i had a thought i wanted to tweet. so i did. i thought. but when no one had commented on it by noon, (i knew someone would) i went online to check. i thought maybe the comments just hadn't come through on my phone. so i went to facebook, but my status hadn't changed. hmmmmm. ok, i just improved it a little bit and tweeted it again, because sometimes the twitter app on my phone doesn't work, especially since i spend my days in a basement! but it still didn't show up on facebook. i checked my twitter page (which i NEVER do, because if i really want to read what you tweet, i am following you on my phone!) and my new attempt didn't show up there either.

this was becoming annoying. it isn't that my tweet was all that exciting, but i knew a couple of people would get a chuckle out of it, while the rest would just go "huh?" which i think is the best kind of tweet! i was just about to try it again, when it occurred to me that maybe those two tweets were going to eventually show up--maybe they were just out there floating in cyberspace somewhere. and if i kept trying over and over and over again, i might end up with 47 status updates basically saying the same thing...which might make me look just a little bit self-absorbed.

so i gave up. which is kind of too bad, because it was sort of funny.

but here is the worst part! now i can't comment on any other blogs today! because when a blogger comments on another blog, sometimes other readers will click on the commenter's name to see what sort of blog they write--that's one way to get new readers. but now i have written this very ordinary blog about non-existent tweets! if you had never read my blog before and this was the first one you read, would YOU come back to see what i have to say tomorrow?!?! no, probably not.

so i guess instead of going to read blogs, i will just go to bed. it's late, i'm tired, and today i'm afraid i'm just ordinary...

...although i did wear a pink dress to school :)

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mom said...

Pink is good!!. Maybe our phones have the same problem. Mine won't read or post on the internet. To the Sprint store I will go tomorrow....