Sunday, June 21, 2009

happy father's day

so today . . . is father's day. i am fortunate to have two great dads in my life--the one who raised me, and the one who helped raise my precious daughter.

my dad is great! when i was in junior high school, he taught at the same school where i attended. he had the reputation of being a tough teacher, and i guess he was. but to me, he was just my dad. i can remember once when a friend came home from school with me, and i was surprised to learn that she was afraid of him. i couldn't understand how anyone could be afraid of my dad! i thought he was nice! on weekends, we would go to the mountains to go skiing during the winter. dad and i spent lots of hours together standing in line and riding the chair lift together--my brother was always off with his racing team, and my mom wasn't quite as brave as we were (sorry mom, but it's true!) i enjoyed that time of having my dad to myself and of seeing who could spray the most snow on the other one whenever we would stop. and he was always willing to take a break and go inside the lodge for donuts and hot chocolate . . .

my dad was an excellent father. i always knew he loved me and would take care of me. i learned so much from him and feel very fortunate that i got him for a dad!

the other dad in my life is my husband, rollie. he loves being a dad! he never "babysat" diandra--he took care of her because she was his daughter. he played with her, read to her, took her on errands with him. he enjoyed being with her. i have so many pictures of them together, because they like being with each other, but this is one of my favorites . . . they are listening to music--well, actually diandra is listening to music (can you see the enormous headphones she is wearing?) and her daddy is taking a little nap . . . and look at their feet!even today, he spends more time with diandra than i do--because they work together. he is a caring, loving dad who is always has her back. she can depend on him to be there for her, always.

i am so thankful to have these two wonderful men in my life. they have both had an effect on the person i am, and i am grateful that out of all the men He created, God gave me the two of them!

dad and rollie--i love you both! you are the very best dads ever!!!


Mom said...

What a nice tribute to both your Dads. Dad is in Manzanita for 3 days but when he comes home I will be sure he reads this. When I handed him the phone yesterday, I hadn't told him who it was and when you gave him your message, his face broke out in a very big smile.

Albert said...

that picture with the phone in the background dates you a bit.. i bet its now worth a lot of money!!!

Jewelielyn said...

i know--that phone is one of my favorite parts of the picture!