Saturday, June 13, 2009

what day is it again???

so today . . . it is really tomorrow.

i spent the whole afternoon and evening playing on my virtual farm. i really love the way it is turning out, but i had to move things repeatedly to get it to where i liked it.

i'm a perfectionist, and tonight it cost me. if only everything didn't have to be perfect, i would have been done much earlier. but i moved fences and pathways and trees several times in order to get them just where i wanted them. so now it is actually 12:50 a.m. saturday morning, although it is going to post at 11:54 p.m. on friday night.

here is my dark little secret--i can manipulate the time my blogs post. really, i can. so, mom, those nights when my blog posts at 11:54ish . . . it was really well past midnight before i got done. but again, perfectionist that i am, i want to post one blog every day--not skip one day, post in the early morning hours, and then post again that night. that would just be wrong. i am not going to post two blogs on one day. nonononononono! not happening.

i had a good blog rolling around in my head today, too. we took the school kids on a walking field trip to the park, and i was going to write about it. i have pictures and everything. so i am thinking that i will write about it tomorrow, even though it happened today.

that will make tomorrow's blog so yesterday . . . instead of so today . . . even though today's blog was, in reality, so tomorrow . . .

don't even try to figure it out. your head might explode! i know mine is threatening to do just that if i don't lay it on a pillow within the next ten minutes . . .

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Mom said...

I'm getting concerned about this manipulating of the time. Wouldn't it be great if we could do this is real "life?" Turning back or forward time when it would help us or change our circumstances. I'll be watching for that 11:57 time!!!