Tuesday, June 30, 2009

fun in orlando?!?

so today . . . i am realizing that we are only going to be here for a few more days, and i haven't done anything exciting.

the first few days were spent recovering from our trek across the country--really, we probably could have walked it with less frustration. although, my luggage still might not have made it past san francisco--it was kind of heavy . . .

then, once rollie started attending his meetings, i found myself mostly sleeping in, picking him up for lunch, taking a nap, picking him up for dinner, reading until bedtime, and eating chocolate donuts. yes, i was a slug! in my defense, i knew i was majorly sleep deprived, what with finishing up school, thinking about trimming milo's nails, and "cleaning" house before we left. so i knew i would be doing a lot of sleeping, but i'm in orlando! i should be doing something fun!

we have been to orlando before, so i have been to sea world, disney world, and epcot. i've been to gatorland and kennedy space center. i've seen the beach here, and it isn't worth a trip (at least the part i saw . . . ) and rollie is busy and can't come with me anyway, so i'm left with shopping.

now i love to shop, but in the summer i have to watch my pennies a little more carefully as i don't work--consequently, no paycheck. however there are two big outlet malls within a couple of miles and a really nice mall. so i feel obligated to go check them out . . .

however, i have been to wal-mart. three times! the first time was our first day here. we are not big on getting up in time to go out to eat breakfast. actually i am the one who doesn't want to get up early--rollie is always up early. and i love to eat breakfast food in a restaurant but seem to prefer doing it late at night . . . which never happens, because rollie is in bed by then. so, when we go on vacation, one of our first stops is always a grocery store to get breakfast food. this time it was a little more difficult, as our very expensive hotel room does not have a refrigerator or a microwave (or free internet, but you all know that!) so we got cereal, bananas, juice, chocolate covered donuts (those are for me,) and soda pop.

the soda pop isn't technically for breakfast, just in case you were wondering . . .

this lasted us for a few days, but i couldn't seem to stop eating those blasted chocolate covered donuts. you see, that is one of the foods that i just don't let myself have anymore, but when we were at walmart, they just materialized in our cart and i didn't want them to feel rejected, so . . .

and of course, bananas must be eaten in a timely manner or they get yukky. and the cereal was disappearing too. so it seemed another trip to walmart was necessary.

i turned on the gps and headed down the road. past sea world. i didn't really have anything else i needed to do, so when i got to walmart, i just kind of wandered around the store. i found a cute dress on sale for $9, so i added that to my collection of items and headed to the check out lines. they totalled up my sales, i gave them my money, picked up my bags, and headed home. i found a great parking spot in the parking garage, picked up my bags, and thought, "hmmm. these bags don't feel very heavy or bulky . . . " i looked inside, and there was my dress and the juice but no bananas or cereal.

i was not a happy camper. i cannot say how much i dislike those spinning plastic bag holders they use at walmart. this is not the first time i have left something on that rack. here is the problem--they have all these bags at their disposal in which to put your items, so they just put a couple of things in each bag, requiring you to carry several bags out. and it is just too easy to leave something.

so i called walmart, and after only two tries i got through to customer service. she said to just come back and they would work it out.

come back?!?! i didn't want to come back! it was hot. it was humid. there was traffic. of course i had no choice--i knew that as soon as i realized that all my items hadn't made it back with me. but i still didn't want to go.

so i didn't. i picked up my book, sat in my comfy room, and read. i knew i was going to have to go get that stuff, but i chose to live in denial for a while. time moved on. rollie came back and we decided not to go eat dinner--really, we have already eaten enough for 10 people, it seems. he was tired, and opted for a nap. so off to walmart i went. for the third time. i retrieved the cereal and bananas, and rewarded myself with dinner at chick-fil-a.

this is not exactly the type of shopping i had in mind when i was thinking about fun things to do in orlando.

. . . but tomorrow they are predicting a hurricane--that should be fun!

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