Saturday, June 6, 2009

top ten reasons why it shouldn’t rain in southern california

so today . . . something unexpected came up. i had a plan for today, and it was going along pretty well, until i got the phone call. it wasn't a big deal, just something i needed to do. but of course nothing is ever easy, and there were complications. so a job that should have taken about 45 minutes, ended up eating three hours of my time--time i had planned to use for other things, including blogging.

so, you are going to get a myspace repost. the good news is, this is one of my favorites. i have been waiting for just the right time to use it, and today is the day.

for the last week our weather has been strange here. rollie watches the news (i do not,) so he explained it to me today--something about a low pressure system sitting off the coast spinning around. and because it isn't moving or dissipating, our weather is somewhat unpredictable. a slight change in the direction of the wind brings us either warm sunshine, cool clouds, or light rain.

i've been waiting for a rainy day to repost this blog, but it could be weeks before we get a really good rainy day. and besides, even if it is raining here, it might not be raining where you live. so i've just decided that it's close enough--there were some sprinkles today . . .

this was originally posted on monday, february 04, 2008

we have had quite a lot of rain lately--more in the last couple of weeks than we had all of last year! and it is beginning to annoy me so i have been inspired to write the following list!

top ten reasons why it shouldn't rain in southern california
10--they don't close the schools
9--the roads get slick and accidents happen (although accidents also happen when the roads are dry) 8--we have to go outside, in the rain, with our dogs to get them to do their business, but
7--i can't take the kids outside for recess!
6--our suede shoes and jackets get ruined (unless they are uggs--then they are supposed to look like that)

5--the birds don't sing

4--it dominates the news, taking time away from such important matters as who went into rehab or got arrested

3--my hair goes flat (now i know why it always had to be shorter in oregon!)

2--at night you can't see the lines on the roads, which is kind of dangerous
and the number one reason why it shouldn't rain in southern california:


ok, now this is for wendy:

top ten reasons why snow is better than rain
10--snow is beautiful; rain is gloomy

9--snow makes everything it touches more beautiful; rain makes everything it touches wet

8--in snow you can ski, snowboard, or sled; in the rain you can . . . play professional football, i guess
7--a walk in the snow is peaceful; a walk in the rain is just wet!
6--in the snow you can build a snowman or a snow fort or throw snowballs; in the rain you can build . . well, it's hard to form rain into anything--it just won't hold it's shape

5--when it snows we send the kids out to enjoy it; when it rains we keep them in where it is dry

4--in the snow you might get some adorable photos of your dog or your daughter; do you even want to take your camera out in the rain?!?!?

3--when it rains, people still have to go out and do the stuff they normally do, but when it snows people stay home where it is warm and safe, so

2--when it snows you can use your four wheel drive to go shopping (at the mall of course) or go to the movies without the crowds

and the number one reason snow is better than rain

THEY CLOSE SCHOOL FOR IT! (which means a day off for us--WOOHOO!)

anyway, whatever your weather is today, i hope you find a way to enjoy it. for me, if i can't drive my car with the top down, then a large diet pepsi and dark chocolate M&Ms will have to do the trick!

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mom said...

What we need is a happy medium everywhere, whatever that may be. Snow days were always a great moral booster. Loved everyone of them.