Thursday, July 2, 2009

a quick blog . . .

so today . . . my internet time is limited. i slept in. i am thinking of hitting the outlet mall this afternoon. and tonight i have to get packed up, because we leave orlando early in the morning. so this may be it.

yesterday i started a blog. it wasn't very good, because i didn't have much material to work with. i pretty much spent the day, again, eating and playing on the internet. but then before i could get back to my blog, my battery died.

my battery is amazing. it will last 6-8 hours, so i kind of expect it to just run all day. since my computer is muted, i didn't get any warning beeps. it just suddenly went into hibernation. i silently screamed NOOOOOO! but to no avail. it went off. and so, no blog yesterday.

today i am blogging first. although it isn't much of a blog, since i haven't really done anything yet except get up, shower, get dressed, and eat three mini chocolate donuts. but i am going to post this anyway, because at least it is something . . .

and if i decide in favor of rejecting the mall idea this afternoon, i may write again. however, if i decide against accepting the mall idea, this will be it for today.

(you see, this is the kind of confusing language i have been listening to for the last three days. it is amazing anyone knows what is going on . . . i sure don't!)

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