Saturday, July 25, 2009

mother's day in july???

so today . . . i got my mother's day present.

i know mother's day was two months ago, but the event was today!

today i got to spend the day with my daughter in the hot sun listening to LOUD music by some amazing musicians. it's called fishfest. i'll tell you why on monday (no blog tomorrow, probably,) but tonight it is very late, and i have to get up early tomorrow to go to church and and play some loud music of my own with some future amazing musicians. and tonight, i still have to decide what we are going to play. so i need to stop blogging, write tomorrow's set, and go to bed!

but since it is such a short blog tonight, i thought i should at least give you a picture.yep! that's us. and that's the stage. we were pretty darned close!

it was a wonderful day, and i have a bunch of pictures and video that i want to post, but it isn't going to happen tonight . . .

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