Tuesday, July 21, 2009

sidetracked by george clooney and brad pitt

so today . . . i did not leave the house. not once.

i would like to say it was because i was just so busy cleaning up the mess i made yesterday. but sadly, it was mostly inertia. i woke up kind of late, probably subconsciously avoiding my task for today. rollie was working at home, and there is just something about him being at home that keeps me from getting anything done--even when we are in separate rooms!

but i had a job to do today. i thought it would be easy--put a movie on the tv, and the time would just fly by as i sorted things out. usually watching tv while i work helps to keep me on task. but not today. today i kind of got absorbed in the movie, and the work suffered.

it started innocently enough. we do not currently have a dvd player connected to our family room tv. we do have tivo, and that typically stores plenty of shows for us to watch when we have free time. but it is summer--rerun season. and since we don't have cable, our poor tivo is having a hard time finding anything of interest to record. so my choices were pretty limited. until i remembered that we can access our netflix account from our tivo! (isn't technology great?!?!!) so i went online and added a bunch of movies to our list of "instant access" movies. and then i got down to business . . .

well, the business of watching a movie . . . i chose to begin with ocean's eleven. i've seen this movie 3 times, but not recently. i LOVE this genre of story--the caper adventure! so i loaded it up and pushed play. it is a two hour movie, and i admit that i watched more than i worked. but it is such a good story! rollie came downstairs as i was just finishing it up. i was telling him about the movie, when realized that after watching it 4 times now, i still didn't really understand how they had pulled off the caper. every time i watch it, i try to catch all the details, but apparently i miss some. because at the end of the movie they get away with the money, but i'm never sure how they got out of the casino with all that cash . . . after talking about it, i decided i should just watch it again, right away. then i would remember the parts that i didn't get the first time and could pay more attention.

so i did. i watched it again. and in the interests of finally understanding how the whole caper worked, i just watched the movie--no sorting while i watched . . . and it worked! at the end of my second viewing, i went, "oohhhh!" and now i get it. finally.

but, my sorting suffered. i made a little progress, but i think i am now behind schedule. i find that i am not nearly as ruthless as i want to be. in my mind i am able to get rid of almost everything, but when i am holding something in my hand, it does not move easily into the "get rid of it" pile. and i hardly put anything in the trash today.


i have to get serious! really serious!!

so now i am on to plan c. tomorrow, i am going to ignore the stuff i have dragged out. truthfully i could probably throw it all away and not miss any of it, but i'm not quite ready to do that. so tomorrow, i am going to tackle the stuff still in the room--the things in the closet and the drawers. there is no tivo or dvd player in that room, but shopping tv is having jewelry shows on all day long!!

now, if i can just have rollie hide my debit card for the day, i should be golden . . .

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