Saturday, July 11, 2009

surprise? or ambush??

so today . . . i was ambushed. by my evil twin. and her partner in crime, who is the nicest person you will ever meet. i don't know how she was sucked into the vortex, but the plan would not have worked without her.

it all started innocently enough. my friend sherry saw that we were going to be visiting my parents and thought that she might come up to see us. she farms with us and thought this would be a chance to meet my mom--who also farms.

but then wendy (my evil twin) got wind of our plans. she thought that maybe she would like to come as well . . . sherry lives just over an hour from my parents, but wendy is about four and a half hours away! that is kind of a long trip for a one day visit! so, since she wasn't coming, wendy spent friday night being pesky while we were playing farmtown.

my friend wendy is one of my favorite people, but she has perfected the art of playful obnoxiousness--although sometimes she borders on the seriously obnoxious (hey--i said borders . . . ) we have more fun when we are "bickering." she is like the annoying sister i never had (and really didn't miss!) we have pranked each other and pranked others together. and today she pulled a prank on me, and i never saw it coming.

this morning my mom and dad and diandra and i got up early and headed for the antique show. this is a huge show that usually hosts about 1000 vendors. it is nearly impossible to get through the whole show in one day, but we always try. we saw so many cool things, but were somewhat limited in our purchases since our luggage was already pretty much packed solid. diandra was looking for vintage cameras and had excellent luck in finding some, although we may have to strap them to our bodies and try to convince the airline that they are fashion accessories in order to get them home.

once we moved inside, we could smell the food vendors. there is something about the aroma of hot dogs in the warmer that gets me salivating. it soon became clear that we needed lunch--no matter what time it said on our watches. plus our legs were ready for a rest. so i lurked in the eating area, cruising for chairs. i managed to snag three AND find an empty spot at a table. when we sat down to eat, i realized that i still hadn't heard from sherry. she had thought she would arrive close to 12:00 and it was later than that, but she had my phone number so i figured if there was a problem, she would call.

after lunch we moved into the second building. diandra found more cameras. mom found perfect chairs for her kitchen, only to be told that they had just been sold! she was sad. she was more than sad. diandra found a coral bead bracelet with a chicken on it--yes a chicken--that she just had to have. and a bracelet made out of pennies.

i found nothing. well, that's not completely true. i found several rocking chairs that i liked, but they would not fit in my suitcase. i found lots of beautiful crystal pieces--vases, candlesticks--but as lovely as they were, i have no place at home to put them. i found lots and lots of sparkly rhinestone jewelry (which is usually my default purchase,) but i already have so much that i didn't really see anything unique or different. and i was halfway through the third building.

i was halfway through the third building when my phone rang. it was sherry and she had finally arrived, so i went out to find her. we were both in the same courtyard, but i couldn't see her. i finally had to call her, and then we spotted each other. we headed inside, but she kept kind of looking around. she seemed a little uneasy, but i thought it was just that the show was maybe kind of overwhelming. and then, there she was--my evil twin!

wendy had decided at the last minute to make the trip. her daughter was coming part way up anyway, so she rode with her for the first three hours and then met sherry. i was so surprised! and pleased!! i had been excited to get to see one friend, and now i got to see two!

it seems as though usually when we come up north to visit, there are always people who want to see us. but they always seem to want us to come to them. and honestly, after travelling 1000 miles to get here, we are usually just too tired of travelling to make very many connections. so this was a rare and special treat--two friends who cared enough to make the trip to see us!we laughed. we talked. we shopped. we piled into the cars along with our purchases and headed back to my mom and dad's house, where they made a delicious dinner for us. we laughed some more. we talked some more. we farmed--yes we farmed, and it was so much fun to be able to actually TALK to each other rather than use the chat box to communicate.

we had started out to have fun today, and we did. and having two of my friends show up (one unexpectedly) just increased the fun!

thanks you guys! it was great!!


Wendy said...

I'm just not sure what I think about this blog!!! I read words that describe me as evil, obnoxios,annoying!!!!!! Does this sound like LOVE? No! Then- Sherry is one of the nicest people i know!!! (Sherry, this is true but help me out here!) See if i ever make this kind of an effort again! It was nice to meet your mom and dad. I'm not surw how you turned out the way you are when they are so kind, loving and fun! hmphhh!

Sherry Hunt said...

We had so much fun. And now I can't shake the image of you and Diandra with cameras taped to your outfits as you attempt to board the airplane in the airport.

I am so happy about the coleslaw recipe your mother shared. I already told my sister in Arizona ...

Thank you for a wonderful Saturday. As we have commented earlier ... life does go on and our loved ones want us to make the most of each day ... you all made a very happy memory for me in a stressful time.

Hugs, Sherry

Jewelielyn said...

ok wendy, clearly you did not read ALL the words i wrote, because i also used the words favorite, perfected, playful, and borders on, to describe you. the love was in between the lines!