Friday, July 17, 2009

better to be hot?!?

so today . . . it was hot. really hot, like 100 degrees hot.

i know, i spent most of last week complaining about being cold--well, maybe not to YOU, because i didn't blog much while i was on vacation. but believe me, my mom and daughter heard plenty of complaining about the freezing cold (hey, when you live in socal, 65 degrees IS freezing cold.) i knew it would be warm when we got home, but this is ridiculous! and yet i kind of feel like i can't complain about it, because at least i'm not cold . . .

yesterday, i didn't complain about the heat. but today is another story. yesterday i was glad not to be cold. today i was thinking maybe the cold wasn't all that bad . . .

in this kind of heat, keeping cool becomes the focus of the day. it starts the night before when i open up the sliding glass doors downstairs. the air cools off fairly early, but we have no wind to blow the cool air through the house, and i can't leave the doors open when i go to bed, because of burglars. really. i mean, i have never actually SEEN a burglar in our neighborhood, but they are out there. i think they are just afraid of our dogs. but once our dogs go to sleep, they are totally useless as watchdogs. in fact, one night the alarm did go off. rollie leapt out of bed, grabbed something to use as a weapon and cautiously started downstairs. diandra ran out of her room and stood watch in the upstairs hallway. i slept through it all. and when rollie came back to bed, he said the dogs were both under the covers. so you see, we have to close up the house at night when we go to bed. or there might be burglars. and that means i have to stay up late enough to cool the house down.

thankfully i can farm . . . or blog.

then, the next morning we have to monitor the outdoor temperature, and close the upstairs windows as soon as it starts to warm up and turn the air conditioner back on. the indoor temperature slowly climbs all day long, and so we move slower and slower. the dogs turn into furry puddles on the floor. the level in the iced tea jar gets lower and lower. and not much is accomplished.

(this does not bode well for my plans for next week--i have a huge job scheduled, which will require lots of time in the garage. and if it is this hot, i fear i may not be too productive.)

anyway, today our plan was to go to the movies in the afternoon. movie theaters are notoriously cold--usually i take my polar fleece blanket when i go, even in the summer--and we thought it might be a good way to beat the heat. but when it came time to go, i just couldn't face going outside. instead, i opted to sit on the couch with a cold drink and watch tivo. i am so much fun!

one of the things i love about living here is our moderate weather. it is usually like the baby bear's porridge--not too hot, not too cold. but we do have a few days of extreme weather to deal with, and today was one of those days.

it was hot, but we made it through the day. rollie braved the heat to bring home pizza. we watched two episodes of "i survived a japanese gameshow"--majide--which is always good for a laugh or two. copious amounts of liquid were consumed. and when it just got too hot, we sat in front of the fan.

and then rollie said, "maybe when i have time off in august, we should go to las vegas for a few days." las vegas in AUGUST?!?! doesn't he know las vegas is in the DESERT?!?!? which is HOT in august?!? i mean like FRY AN EGG ON THE SIDEWALK HOT??? i'm afraid that when he ventured out to get pizza, the heat got to him. either that, or i didn't complain about the heat nearly enough . . .

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