Wednesday, July 22, 2009

a break for chocolate cake

so today . . . i am blogging from del taco. i needed chocolate cake.

i've been on vacation most of the summer, which means i have pretty much been eating whatever i want--ice cream, french fries, potato chips, and of course, mini chocolate covered donuts.

but now i am home, and it is time to go back to eating healthy food and avoiding the bad stuff. this is easier said than done. knowing my inability to deny myself, i did not buy any of the forbidden foods when i went grocery shopping. i bought salad mix, broccoli, fruit, nuts, and dry roasted endamame (which is a decent substitute for chips, sometimes . . . ) chicken breasts, whole wheat tortillas, and soy milk. see how good i was!

when i eat only healthy food, i find that i don't really crave the other stuff. i can even occasionally have a small bag of chips or a brownie without going into shock. but when i have been living on the dark side (foodwise) it is awfully hard to come back into the light . . .

this week it has been especially hard, because i have been trapped at home, chained to the scary room. so i am forced to eat what is already in the house--and you know what that is! the problem is that i have been craving brownies and i don't have any and it is too hot to go to 7-11 to get some. so i tried to assuage my craving with dark chocolate m&m's (the one chocolate treat i eat with abandon--dark chocolate is good for you, you know.) but it didn't work. the m&m's were too mushy, because the house is hot.

i was complaining about this to rollie, who offered this advice--"try this," he said. "first, suck the candy coating off the m&m's. then take a drink of ice cold water and let it flow over the m&ms in your mouth. that makes them nice and firm, and then you can chew them up!" i have not tried this yet. but apparently there is a downside. he continued--"the only problem is, it is hard to stop eating them this way. usually they are sweet enough that a handful is plenty. but when you alternate eating the m&m's with drinking ice cold water, you can eat an awful lot before you feel satisfied."

this is surprising advice from my husband, who is the most self-disciplined person on the planet. i guess we all have our weaknesses . . .

so when he said he had band rehearsal at 6:00 (meaning we couldn't go out for dinner, which is our routine on wednesday nights) i graciously said, "oh, i will take you to the church and then come back later. that way we will only have one car out tonight." don't i sound selfless and caring? you know me--don't be fooled! because what i was THINKING was, "yes! i will take him to the church and then go back to del taco for chocolate cake!!!"

and that is pretty much what i did.

and since i knew it wouldn't take me long to inhale their cake (the best chocolate cake, by the way,) i brought my computer along to blog.

btw--i tried rollie's suggestion about the m&m's . . . it didn't work for me.

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