Friday, July 10, 2009

vacation = too tired to blog

so today . . . i am still on vacation and funny stuff is happening. we are laughing a lot. the problem is, i am so tired at night that it is hard for me to blog it. we have done a little bit of shopping. we went garage saling. we watched a movie. we went to the bread store. i signed up for twitter (@jewelielynn). we looked at new glasses for my mom. we ate sandwiches and barbeque chips and mini chocolate donuts (well, mostly i ate the donuts.) and we signed my mom up for a phone plan with unlimited text messaging and internet access. then we convinced her to buy the coolest phone ever! (and no, it isn't an iphone. puh-lease!! it is way cooler than that!) and then we signed her up for twitter. tomorrow we are going to the antique show, which has over 1000 vendors! we are going to be tired when we get home!! but i will try to save enough brain power to write a blog. diandra is coming too, so there may even be pictures . . .

vacations--don't you love 'em?!

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