Wednesday, July 29, 2009

at least i don't have to go hunting

so today . . . i wasn't going to write a blog. it is wednesday, which as you know, is my official day off from blogging. and nothing extraordinarily funny happened to me today.

i did finally fold the laundry. yes, the laundry that i washed last friday night and saturday morning before we left for fishfest. i got kind of busy after that, and so the laundry remained in the laundry basket, out in the hot garage, waiting to come in. today it got to come in. and get folded. and actually put away into the drawers.

i also went to the grocery store, and you know how i love to do that! rollie called and asked if i wanted to go out for lunch today, and of course i said yes. he was going to come pick me up, but i said NO! and just had him meet me at rubio's. that got me out of the house in my own car, which is the first step to getting to the grocery store. (there is something about being home for the summer that makes it sooo hard for me to go do the stuff i need to do. i just want to stay put. at home.) so we had a nice lunch, sat outside at the town center enjoying the view (there are lots of palm trees there,) and the sound of the water from the fountain, and then i headed off to buy food.

but first, i stopped at walmart. how could i not? it is at the town center and i had to drive right by it and my car just parked. so i got out, went in, checked the list i keep in my phone of things i need to get at walmart, and bought mini chocolate covered donuts.

i don't know what it is about those crazy donuts, but i cannot seem to resist them. i don't crave them to the point of making a special trip to buy them, but if i walk past them in the store, i get them. and then i take them home and eat them all myself. (rollie won't eat them, and i hide them from diandra . . . i know, what kind of a mom am i? i'll tell you--i am the kind of mom that is trying desperately to save my daughter from my addictions!!) as i walked to the car with my "catch of the day," i realized i had a problem. i had chocolate covered mini donuts. and if i went to the grocery store, those donuts were going to sit in the trunk of my car and the chocolate coating was going to get all melty and they would stick together and that would not be good. so i did the only thing i could do. i went home. without buying groceries.

it isn't like there is no food in the house. there is, but it all requires cooking--all of our instant food was pretty much gone. but i thought maybe we could live on raw broccoli, hard boiled eggs, and cucumbers for another day or two . . .

and then i got a text message from someone at my school. each teacher was getting $50 to spend for classroom materials this year, but they needed to be ordered right away and could i come look at the catalog? ok. so i was going to be out in my car again~

i drove to the school, perused the catalog and made my choices--do you know how hard it is to spend only $50 in an educational materials catalog?!? oh my goodness! but i finally did, after which i headed off to the grocery store.

it didn't take me long to fill my cart. we tend to like to eat the same things over and over again, so usually i can go through the store on autopilot. and it turned out to be a great time to be in the store--there wasn't even a line at the cash register!

so we have food again. we are not going to starve. or be forced to become vegetarians. i mean, i have learned to eat broccoli, but sometimes a girl just needs tuna fish! oh yeah, and dark chocolate m&m's!

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