Sunday, October 4, 2009

a conversation . . . (yes mom, i posted it . . . )

so today . . . i was not going to post, because i was gone all weekend, and i am exhausted. i haven't even unpacked, and yet here i am on the internet . . .

my mom was gone all weekend too, and so tonight we were talking on facebook a little bit before deciding we should maybe head for bed. and we had this conversation, which made me laugh. so instead of posting nothing, i am going to share it with you. (yeah mom, i didn't go straight to bed--hehehe . . .)

mom: have a good day tomorrow and hopefully the week will go fast. As far as I am concerned, October can go fast. Then it's put up the christmas stuff, have thanksgiving and then christmas shopping. I'm tired just thinking of it all.

Enough whining for one night. Off to bed!!!!! goodnight.

julie: oh golly yes--i can't think past this week. although, maybe i will get out some fall decorations this year--i've narrowed it down to one box, so it doesn't take too long. otherwise we don't know it is fall, because the leaves don't change color, and it doesn't rain, and you can still drive with the top down.

mom: Fall?? I was thinking I should get out Halloween tomorrow.

julie: well, i don't technically have halloween decorations--i just go straight to the leaves and turkeys :):) oh, and pumpkins.

mom: Are you bragging? Whine along with me!!

julie: hahahaha!

mom: No raking leaves? Think of the exercise.

julie: that was southern california whining!

mom: hahahahahahahaha

julie: no, we have people to do that (raking leaves)

mom: We have people too. ME

julie:hahahahaha! ok, i may have to blog that conversation!

mom: No blogging. Time for bed.

julie: ok. good night. catch you tomorrow.

and then i blogged . . . because sometimes we just crack me up!


Wendy said...

That was a funny conversation! If you ever need help in the whining department I'm considered a master!

Albert said...

"oh golly yes"???!!!

Mom said...

I see you blogged after all. Yeah, I know, I checked. I always check, even when you say you didn't blog. Glad to be of help. I'm not quoted too often and never in print. Hope you are having a good day.