Saturday, October 17, 2009

three starts, one finish

so today . . . this is my third blog. maybe i will actually post this one.

my eyeballs are scratchy. it has been a long day, and promises to be an exceptionally busy week, and it is 11:30 and i want to go to bed. but i need to blog.

so i started a blog about how my thoughts are turning into blogs--about how i no longer have normal random thoughts, everything ends up in blogspeak. but as i was trying to explain what goes on in my head, i got confused . . . and it is my head!!! so it needed some clarification, and my brain has already gone to bed. and without it, it is hard for me to write coherently.

so then i started another blog about the latest sign that i am becoming a california person. i think it is going to be a really good blog. when i write it. but not today. today i got the first sentence written, and then quickly put down a couple of thoughts that i will work with later to write something that i think will make you laugh. but i am afraid that if i tried to write it today, it would just make you yawn--the creative juices are all bottled up. (hahaha, get it? juices? bottled up? ok, i know it is a little lame, but certain of my readers enjoy a good pun, so there it is for you honey!)

actually, while i was at walmart today, i thought i could write a really good blog about saturday at walmart--complete with pictures!! but i had two big bags of dark chocolate m&m's trying to slip out of my arms as i also wrestled two big boxes of milkbones to the nearest cash register. it was impossible to snap any pictures. i decided that blog would have to wait for another saturday . . .

so here i am, with nothing to blog about and no brain power to manufacture something. but at least there was no whining in this one. and yet, yesterday's whiny blog got more comments than i have had in a while, so maybe i should go back to whining . . . that seems to be where the rewards are. and you know how i need rewards . . .

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