Sunday, November 22, 2009

sick leave

so today . . . i am on sick leave. i've actually been on sick leave since friday. you may not have noticed, especially if you are one of those people who are not on your computer much over the weekend. i did blog on friday, because my dogs made me laugh. but it wasn't as good as it could have been, because i didn't post any pictures. i took a couple of cute pictures that i could have used, but i took them with my phone. and to use them, i would have had to sync my phone with my computer, and then search through all the phone picture files to find the one i wanted in order to post it. i know this doesn't sound that hard, but you don't know how many pictures i have in my phone and how unorganized they are. and remember, i am sick. and by the time i posted that blog (well after midnight, when i should have already been fast asleep,) it just took too much effort . . .

being on sick leave doesn't really expose me to much to blog about. i pretty much stay on the couch with my computer and the tivo remote. and you know how my brain usually clicks along and never stops thinking? well, when i am on sick leave my brain goes silent. thinking about things other than "is it time to take my medicine?" or "where are the tissues?" takes too much effort.

effort?? to think?!?!? puh-lease, you are probably saying. but it is true. do you think all these amusing thoughts just pop into my head? well, sometimes they do, but many times i have to think about what i want to say, find just the right words, maybe take a picture or two . . . it can be exhausting. especially when all one's mental energy is focused on breathing in such a way so as not to irritate one's throat into a coughing fit.

rollie thinks i should extend my sick leave into next week. it is a short week at school, because of the thanksgiving holiday. he thinks i should take advantage of that and stay home and rest. he thinks i am pushing myself and that is not helping me get better. he may be right. but i think it is a short week, so i should just go to work. i think when my paycheck comes, we will be glad i did. unless, as he says, i get sicker and miss more work.

it is a dilemma.

i will probably go to work tomorrow and see how it goes. rollie thinks i never listen to him. he thinks why should he even bother to tell me what he thinks, because i am just going to do what i want to do anyway. he is wrong. and sometimes also right. because i do listen to him. always. i just don't always agree with him. he is always trying to help me. but sometimes, even though i have listened to him, i don't take his advice. i probably should, because i have found that he is usually right. which can be so annoying . . .

so tomorrow i will go to work, and hope that i get better--or at least that i don't get any worse.

because, if i do, i may have to stay home.

and black friday is coming . . .

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