Sunday, November 15, 2009

they walk among us . . . kind of.

so today . . . i laughed right out loud. apparently iman thinks she is one of us.

i was watching shopping tv this afternoon. well, maybe not really watching it--i was laying on the couch trying to take a nap. i used to be able to fall asleep almost instantly, but now it seems that i have a hard time napping--no matter how tired i am. i lay there, but my brain won't shut off! so i have found that if i have some sort of "white noise" in the background, it distracts my brain just enough so that i can sleep. shopping tv or sports (but not golf--it is too quiet) seem to work really well. unless iman is on shopping tv.

iman is a supermodel. she is married to sting, the rock star. she is tall and beautiful and has an exotic accent. i love to listen to her talk, so i thought that would be a soothing sound to fall asleep to. once again, i was wrong.

the advantage of white noise is that it distracts your brain, but isn't distinct enough that it catches your attention. today iman caught my attention. she was selling a rolling duffel bag that she had apparently designed. it was a nice looking duffel bag. it had compartments and wheels and a telescoping handle and decorative hardware. it came with a make-up bag, a shoe bag, a luggage tag, and a lock and key. after describing all it's physical features, they started discussing how much you could fit into this bag. they were saying it was adequate for up to 10 days worth of clothes. (the key words here were "up to.") iman was saying how she has traveled all over the world with that bag, and how she doesn't like to wait for her luggage, so she needs an adequate carry-on bag.

i'm sorry, but i just do not believe a supermodel can pack everything she needs for several days in a carry-on duffel bag. even if she is a mom.

she continued by listing all the things she had packed in that bag. she had two pairs of boots (one tall, one short) five or six pairs of shoes, three pairs of pants, three jackets, tshirts, jeans, plus all her toiletries and hair products. and then she said, "everything i needed for my two day trip out here!"

did she just say two day trip?!?!?! that's a lot of shoes for a two day trip. i am thinking if she were going to be gone for ten days, she would need several of these duffel bags. and more than one shoe bag.

i understand the shoe thing--i really do. every summer when diandra and i go to portland, shoes are an issue. we are usually only gone a week, but it seems like i think i need ten pairs of shoes! i always have to take some out of my bag before i leave. so i understand the need for shoes. but seven or eight pair for two days?!?! even i think that is excessive.

and then she says, "and it fits so easily in the overhead compartment of an airplane."

really? in coach? because i am pretty sure she is flying first class. and while i have never flown in first class, i am guessing that their luggage compartments might be somewhat bigger than in coach, where the rest of us sit. plus, she is six feet tall! she can reach the luggage compartments. there is no way an average woman could sling that thing up into those compartments unassisted. especially with all those heavy shoes in there.

but it was really nice looking.

iman is not one of us. she probably doesn't have to check her bank balance before she uses her debit card. she probably doesn't have to vacuum. she probably doesn't have to go to the grocery store every week. she can wear a caftan to take her kids to school and people think she looks elegant, not like she is wearing her pajamas. and she certainly doesn't travel all over the world in coach!

but i am tempted to buy her rolling duffel bag anyway. because it looks roomy, and it is a beautiful piece of luggage.

although, i am going to need more than one shoe bag.

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Mom said...

Since I'm not flying, she would have put me to sleep instantly!!!!