Saturday, May 2, 2009

not a typical saturday

so today . . . was not my typical saturday.

usually on saturdays, i sleep until i wake up on my own. then i lay in bed for a while cuddling and playing with the dogs. eventually i get up, put on my comfortable clothes and head for mcdonald's with my book. i order breakfast and sit outside and read for a while. then i come back home, and spend the rest of the day doing what needs to be done. sometimes that means laundry, dusting, and the dreaded vacuuming, and sometimes that means a day watching movies and playing with my computer or reading my book.

today it meant something completely different.

today saturday was not part of my weekend--it was a work day.

i had to set my alarm (which is just wrong on saturday unless you are going to go to garage sales,) put on a dress, and be in my classroom by 9:00 pushing tables back into place and arranging curriculum materials for our open house--which was today. the weather was cool and cloudy, which was not a good sign, but i showed up on time with a smile (sort of) on my face, ready to talk parents into paying tuition for another year so their tiny children could come to my class for kindergarten. and i would continue to have a job . . .

i'm actually pretty good at this (unless your child's name is something like tyler--you know who you are!!!) and today was no exception. i talked three parents into enrolling for next year who had already pretty much decided not to. it was only three, because that is all that came to talk to me! as i said, it was cool and cloudy today. and being in southern california, that translates into, "oh no! it might rain!! we'd better just stay home," so we did not have nearly as many visitors as we had planned for. i spent a large portion of the day alone in my classroom . . . waiting for the opportunity to talk to someone, anyone, about kindergarten . . .

open house was over by 1:30, so i grabbed my cold hot dog lunch and headed for the church.

oh yeah, i forgot to tell you about lunch--our church is having it's annual convention this weekend, and since it was being held in our building, we got invited to go to lunch with the important people from headquarters. they were eating at wood ranch bar-b-q which serves the best tri-tip steak i have ever eaten--and their salmon is really good too. but the time had to fit into the schedule of the convention, so they ate from 12:45 to about 2:00. rollie asked if i wanted to come (and of course i did!) but since i had to be at work until 1:30 (and didn't actually leave until 1:45) i missed it. so instead of a delicious steak meal, i had a preschool open house hot dog--and it was cold!

i got to the church only to find that they needed me in the tech booth to run the power point slides for some presentations. i kind of like doing this, as i get to sit in the "clubhouse" with the tech boys instead of down on the main level with everyone else. and i have a job to do, which is kind of fun. so that kept me occupied for the rest of the afternoon . . .

. . . and into the evening! things were supposed to come to a close by 4:00, but that didn't happen. lots of people talking meant the schedule got behind, and we didn't actually leave the church until 6:30 and by then it was time for dinner, which meant a trip to rubios. we got home around 8:00, which isn't really very late, but it felt like midnight. i guess it is because i was gone almost 12 hours today.

and i'm not done yet . . . i have to talk to someone about how we are going to do what we do in church tomorrow without a computer, since ours apparently crashed this week and i didn't know about it until today . . . i have to rewrite the music set, because our band just couldn't quite get our act together during rehearsal this week . . . i have to finish this brownine i started eating . . . and pick up a few things around the family room. and i am really tired.

so my friends, you are left with a somewhat bland blog for today. and tomorrow isn't going to be much better. hopefully i will at least get home earlier in the evening so i can blog before my brain cells have called it a day. and at least you can be comforted by the fact that today you only had to read about my life--not be the one living it!

i already have an idea for tomorrow's blog, but i guess we will just have to wait and see what the day brings . . .

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Jes said...

anything at 9am is to early for me... i dont know how i do it sometimes. its amazing! haha