Wednesday, May 13, 2009

wednesday bonus blog: who reads these things?

so today . . . i was thinking about how knowing who reads my blogs affects what i write.

as i've said, i write mostly because it is fun. and as i'm writing, i think about how my mom will react, or if it will make wendy comment or sherry laugh. if i mention real people, i am conscious of how they might feel about what i have written. i never want anyone to feel hurt or belittled, or like i have just used them for a laugh. so as i'm writing, i think about all these things.

and so, i haven't really told the people who are part of my everyday life about my blog--except for my family. it's just too many people to think about as i write each day, because no matter how careful i am, you just never know how someone will react. i mainly write for those of you who know me but live far away, or those of you who only know me through what you read here. i guess it is because my blogs show who i really am, and sometimes in my real life i have to pull my punches just a bit.

the following blog was written the first time i thought maybe someone might be offended by things i had written. i decided to share my blogs with a new acquaintance whose life had intersected with mine several times, but not to the extent that we really knew each other. and when reading a blog, if you don't understand the perspective from which it was written, it can be misunderstood. so i was starting to have second thoughts . . .

this blog was originally written on Friday, May 9, 2008.

ok, so this morning the dad of one of our school kids asked me how to find my myspace page. so i told him. i mean, i think my page does a pretty good job of revealing who i am, and i try to make it "interesting" by adding stuff (although i know i need to update my pictures more often.) so i was glad to tell him how to find me. but then i got to thinking about my blogs . . . i love to write blogs--it is so much fun, and i try to make them entertaining. sometimes when i write i am thinking about diandra reading it, so i kind of write towards her. sometimes when i write i think about wendy reading it, so i write in a way that i think will make her laugh. and so on . . . well i went back and read all my blogs, and it was a lot of fun--some of it reminded me of stuff i had kind of forgotten about. but you know i do occasionally write about things that happen at school, and usually it is funny stuff. however there are days when i feel frustrated, just like most of you have days when you are frustrated with your jobs. and that was revealed in a couple of my blogs--like i said, my page reveals who i am, on good days and also on not so good days. so albert, when you read those blogs i hope you will understand that i do love my job and i do love my students, but there are days when i would just like to go to jamaica!

so in the future, if something i write offends you, i am just going to apologize right now. that is never my intent. and i hope that after reading this post, you will understand that . . .and keep reading.


Al said...

i dont remember the original blog being this short. did you edit it?

Jewelielyn said...

no, i didn't edit it--i just used to blog shorter :)