Thursday, January 28, 2010

i feel like a thundercloud

so today . . . i am feeling whiny and annoyed and not very likable. this makes it difficult to write an entertaining and amusing blog.

some people can probably set aside how they really feel and get into the persona they need, so that they can blog in the voice people are used to hearing. i have found that i am not so successful at that. so while something almost humorous did happen today, and i have been saving up cute kid stories, i just can't do them justice in this frame of mind. i could write them, but they wouldn't have the amusing tone that i like to use. and i hate to waste good stories!

so i am going to bed now, even though it is only 9:20! and with a good night's sleep (i hope!) and only a half day of work tomorrow and no rain in the forecast, i am hopeful that my sunny disposition will return. and with it, my blogging . . .

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