Monday, January 11, 2010

so much for "flee from temptation!"

so today . . . target failed me. and yet, also did not.

i want to dye my duvet cover. it started out kind of a nice taupe color, but then i spilled something on it that wouldn't come out. so i bleached it. but that turned it a kind of golden color. which was ok, but it wasn't even--it was splotchy. so now i am going to attempt to dye it dark green, which i hope will be pretty and also even out the splotchiness. if not, i guess i will have to buy a new one. so, win-win!

but the dye package says to add a cup of salt, and i don't have a cup of salt. i went to the grocery store after work without a list, because i only needed a few things and thought i could remember them all. i got everything on my list, and even a few extra things. and i was thinking about blogging my grocery shopping trip, because as i looked into my cart i realized that it looked much different than it would have a few years ago. it had apples and cucumbers and carrots and tiny tomatoes and whole grain bagels instead of potato chips and frozen pizzas and devil donuts. and i was thinking i could make a blog out of that, but then i realized it wasn't really funny--just interesting. and maybe not even interesting to anyone but me . . .

i drove home, took the groceries into the house, and went back out to the garage to dust and spot clean my car--because that is how i keep it looking all sleek and shiny--and that is when i saw the duvet cover by the washing machine and realized that i had forgotten to get salt!

i guess i needed a list.

about that time rollie called to see if i wanted to meet him for dinner, which of course i did, and on the way home i saw target looming in the distance.

i have a sort of love/hate relationship with target. i love it because there is such a variety of stuff--i can always find something that i "need." which is where the hate part comes in. because no matter what i go in to target to get, i almost always come out with something else too. it is nearly impossible for me to stick to my list in target! there is temptation everywhere--there are shoes and tops and sweaters and snacks and burt's bee chap sticks (oh shoot! i was going to get that while i was there today too! i have got to start keeping these lists in my phone!!) and hair clips and handbags and soft blankets and cds and dvds and magazines and all sorts of stuff that you can buy for $1!

i detoured into the parking lot and entered the store. i went to the food area to get the salt, only to find that target doesn't carry salt! this was a problem, because i was now in enemy territory and both of my hands were empty. so i took the only route i could--through the clothes and past the sales racks . . .

my brain had already conceded that i was going to exit through the check out line with something in my hand. it was now just a question of what. i had thought that it was going to be a container of salt. was it my fault that there was no salt? no. but i had made the extra stop and hated to waste the trip. and as i perused the sale racks i was rewarded--a light weight cardigan sweater printed in blues and greens in my size and on sale for only $6.98! how could i resist?

apparently i couldn't, because it now resides in my dresser drawer--with the 15 other light weight cardigan sweaters in various colors that i own. but that is a blog for another day . . .

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