Friday, January 15, 2010

"put down your computer and slowly walk away . . . "

so today . . . i have nothing to write about.

last week when i spent the evening reading other people's blogs, i found one that gave tips on blog writing. i read it, because you just never know . . . but much of what was written didn't really apply to me. i don't write my blog to appeal to the masses. in fact, if you don't know me, you might not be interested at all in what i have to say. but there was one thing that has stuck in my mind--if you are going to blog you have to get out and do things, or you will find that you have nothing to write about.

i am finding this to be true. i mean, i can sit here and think up a top ten list, or i can always blog about the weather or my dogs. but as i write more and more blogs, it gets more difficult to come up with "something from nothing" on those days when i have pretty much just gone to work and then come home. and since i have been sick, i really haven't been out doing anything that didn't have to be done . . .

so, i may not blog every day any more. i will still try to write most days, but the pressure of coming up with something really good every day is starting to affect the "fun" factor of my blogging. and also, the quality of the blogs. i think if i write a little less frequently, you will have to read fewer blogs like this one--which aren't all that entertaining.

and as i start to feel better (i hope) i will also try to get out there and do more things--besides go to the doctor or the grocery store--which should also make for better blogs!

i want to keep blogging for a long time, so i think i need to pace myself. we will see what happens . . .


mom said...

Good thinking. Even those who write for a living don't write every day. Some days the mind needs a rest.....When fun becomes work, it is time to make adjustments. Sounds like that is what you are doing.

Carroll said...

Oh Julie! I think you've hit upon a solution to save brain cells. You're right. It shouldn't be a chore but a fun thing. Do what you can and continue taking care of yourself. That's got to be top priority for you right now!
Love you!