Wednesday, December 9, 2009

another sick day . . .

so today . . . was a bust for blogging material.

the sun shone.

i'm getting good at irrigating my sinuses (sadly.)

my ct scan was uneventful. i didn't have to wait. i didn't have to get undressed. i didn't fall off the machine. i didn't pass out from holding my breath (although one time i thought i might.) i didn't get claustrophobic (i just closed my eyes and pretended i was laying on the beach . . . the mind is a powerful thing!)

i did wear a christmas tree pin that i liberated from my mom's jewelry chest last summer :)

and someone did steal the poinsettia plant from radiology. so a radiologist stole a poinsettia plant from someone else . . . while i was standing right there!!

i did not go to school.

i did not go to band rehearsal.

i did not go to old navy and get $15 boots or to starbucks for their special "12 days of christmas" deal which was a red travel cup for $6.99.

i did get a get well card from one of my little munchkins, via his mom's blackberry :)and i did wear my sheepskin boots all day to keep my feet warm, because it only got up to about 60 degrees today--even though the sun was shining.

pneumonia--day 10


Jes said...

hahahah ohh Eugene!!

mom said...

It was 15 degrees here this morning!! We'd love 60 degrees