Thursday, December 3, 2009

a day of enforced rest

so today . . . i rested.

shortly after waking up, i logged onto facebook to take care of my games. i harvested, plowed, planted, baked, visited, picked up gifts, sent gifts--i have a very busy virtual life.

i spent 40 minutes on subversive activities.

about 1:00 rollie brought me jack in the box for lunch, and we watched a movie on tv.

i sat on the couch and did report cards for my class, so they could go home tomorrow (just in case i am able to go to school next week and do parent conferences.)

i watched some shopping tv, but didn't buy anything--because i am resting.

i went back onto facebook and repeated my morning's activities.

i ate leftovers for dinner, and printed out the report cards, so rollie can drop them off at school tomorrow.

i skulked about the internet.

i drank more tea and read a little bit.

and that is all.

no wait--i also started the dishwasher.

(well, i needed to accomplish something today--which is hard to do if you are supposed to be resting.)

i can hardly wait for tomorrow . . .

1 comment:

Mom said...

Glad the dishwasher is working. Any sleep in there anywhere??