Thursday, December 17, 2009

back on sick leave

so today . . . i am sick. again. really sick.

tuesday night i was at school, waiting to take my class into the church for their christmas program performance. i was having some digestive discomfort, but didn't know what was in store for me. until just before it was time for us to go sing, when i made a mad dash for the restroom and realized just how sick i was. i immediately felt a little better, so i took my class upstairs, led them through their song, went right home and was promptly sick again. and again. and again. all night long.

i was really brave (ok, you can stop laughing now!) and made it through the night without begging rollie to take me to urgent care. again. (they recognize us there now . . . ) we went in to see a doctor wednesday morning, and came to the conclusion that i must have had food poisoning. (if you have never had food poisoning, you cannot imagine how awful it is. if you have, then you can feel my pain.) they gave me an iv to combat the resulting dehydration, and sent me home. i thought i would just sleep a bit, eat a bit, and be fine by the next day.

i wasn't.

so my blogging has been interrupted once again. i have a couple of blogs rolling around in my head, though, for when i am feeling better and have the attention span to continue writing. one of them is urgent care vs. the doctor's office--let me just say, there is a huge difference in how sick people are cared for. neither is bad, but one is definitely preferable.

i hope i am feeling normal again soon, but maybe i would settle for just feeling better . . . until that happens, my blogging will be eratic. don't give up on me--i am sure that i will be back to my normal blogging self again . . . some day . . .

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