Tuesday, December 8, 2009

my brain is not cooperating!

so today . . . i really want to blog, but my mind is empty.

i know this is hard for some of you to believe (wendy) but it is. i've been home from work for a week now, and have only gone out of the house for doctor appointments. my only connection with the outside world is when rollie and diandra come home and talk to me, or when i chat on facebook. there is not a lot happening for me to comment on. i did start a different blog tonight, but it wasn't funny at all--i think my brain knows i am sick and refuses to giggle. but don't give up on me--i promise i will be funny again. in fact, tomorrow i am going to have a ct scan. i have high hopes that it will be an adventure!


Albert said...

oh so today, i was helping out in tyler's class. the kids i were given had to play that shape puzzle (tangram, except it was hexagram i think). anyway, this one group of kids were complaining about how hard it was. and this one girl keeps saying," but its good for your brain." so cute!!!

Mom said...

I have high hopes, it will give you some answers!!!

Wendy said...

:) Oh Julie! You're the best!