Monday, February 8, 2010

all that effort, and no result


so today . . . i have tried to write two different blogs. one was about using dry erase markers at school, and one was about trying to find a ups drop off site. at the time they occurred, both incidents struck me as something i could blog about. the marker story was just kind of cute, and the ups story was extremely frustrating (but i knew you would love to hear about me driving in circles for hours, following gps directions that took me to the wrong places, and finally finding a drop off box only to discover that my package was too large to drop in.)

so i wrote the marker story. and when i read it, it was boring--and that is not a word i use very often. but it wasn't that funny or interesting. so i deleted it. then i wrote the ups story, but it was so complicated that even i got confused, and i was there!!! so i knew there was no way you would be able to follow it, and i was getting frustrated trying to write it. so i deleted it too.

so now, i have wasted over an hour trying to write something funny and entertaining, and i still have nothing! and it is almost 11:00 and i need to get into bed and get some rest or i will never be able to fight off whatever bug is trying to get me. and so . . .


you see, this is the problem with trying to write almost every day. some days it is just not happening. but i tried. and i will try again tomorrow--hopefully with more success.

just because i love you guys ;)

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