Friday, February 26, 2010

spread the love . . .

so today . . . i woke up in the recliner. again. miraculously i was breathing, and i hadn't even snorted my afrin yet! also miraculously, diandra soon appeared and plopped her body down in the other recliner. as we sat there talking and simultaneously texting and emailing on our cool phones, suddenly i screamed!

"mary marantz left a comment on my blog!"

people, i have arrived.

i clearly remember the day i got a text from diandra several months ago--ok, maybe not clearly, but it said something like this--"mary marantz commented on my blog today! i'm so excited! she's amazing!! i'm so excited!!" (i know that is a lot of exclamation points, but as she said, she was excited!!)

two years ago i had no idea about the world of wedding photographers, but now that diandra has become one of them, the vortex has pulled me in as well--i stalk wedding photographer blogs, i watch wedding photographer "how to" videos, i read wedding photographer faqs posts--even though i take my pictures with a point and shoot camera. some days i click and click and click again until i am lost in the online world of wedding photographers . . .

mary and her husband justin are two of my favorite people in that world. i admit it--i've stalked their blog. i just think they take beautiful pictures, and i enjoy looking at them. and today, mary left a comment on my blog!

i know some of you are thinking, "seriously, julie, you need to get a LIFE!" but this is a part of my life, and i really enjoy it. i love to write, which is why it takes me so long to finish a blog! and i love it when people comment for the first time--and every time after that. it is always fun to discover someone new who has given up a few minutes in their day to see what strange turns my brain has taken this time.

i think that no matter what you do, it is nice to know other people enjoy your efforts. people who cook (which would not be me,) love it when someone asks for seconds. or thirds. people who sing or play an instrument love it when they are asked to perform. people who garden love it when someone compliments their beautiful flowers. whether you scrapbook or play basketball or take pictures or knit--it doesn't matter what you do--we all do those things because we love doing them. but if you also love sharing what you do, then it is nice to know that others are enjoying it too.

i teach kindergarten. and most of the time i like it, but this has been an especially tough year. during this last year, one of the moms has written me several notes. she is always telling me how much she appreciates me and the job i do, and how it is making a difference in her son's life. and those notes have made a difference in my life. they encourage me, they challenge me to continue to be a good teacher, and i admit it--they make me feel good.

and that's not a bad thing, making other people feel good. that's a great thing! it's one of the reasons i blog--even if you've had a crummy day, i want you to laugh, at least once! but it isn't always easy to 'spread the love.' sometimes it takes a little effort. or thought. or time.

so, if you read a blog, don't stalk--leave a comment. you will make the blogger's day, just like mary made mine today!! and really, anytime you enjoy the efforts of someone else, let them know--write a note, send a text, tell them they are doing a great job! we could all use the kudos.

and as for my interest in photography? well, i think i'm on the right track--my point and shoot camera is a canon!


greg said...

great blog

Jewelielyn said...

thanks greg, for making the effort to comment--i'm glad you liked the blog today!