Sunday, February 28, 2010

technology strikes again!

so today . . . i am once again stunned by technology.

yesterday i updated my new phone--my beloved palm pre. i don't mean replaced--i mean through the magic of technology, improved the way it works! apparently palm is continually tweaking their operating system, which is new, and so as they make improvements, they make those improvements available to all of us who already own their phone. for free!

i appreciate this. so often when we buy the newest, fastest, coolest electronic gadget, three months later they release something even newer, faster, and cooler. which of course immediately makes us unhappy with the now older, slower, dorkier gadget that we already own. this is called marketing :) but palm just keeps releasing updates to their system, so you don't have to buy a new one. i think this is wonderful!

usually the updates just tweak the existing features so that the phone runs more smoothly and efficiently. but today was THE DAY WE HAD BEEN WAITING FOR! today was the day they released the update that added a video camera to our phone! and they did this totally through software--we didn't have to take our phone into a store to have anything added.

i cannot imagine how this works. the phone does have a 3.1 megapixel camera and flash already on board, but suddenly it is also a video camera. i can't quite wrap my brain around how the software now tells the camera to take video rather than still shots. of course, i haven't actually used it yet--maybe it is terrible. maybe the quality is awful. maybe there is no sound. so maybe i shouldn't be raving about how wonderful it is just yet . . .

i will try it out at school tomorrow. maybe i can get my kids to sing a song or something. although, if there is no sound, that will be less than riveting video. and then, i will have to figure out how to get the video from my phone onto my blog. and you know what mad computer skills i possess ;)

but, if i am successful at 1-capturing video with my phone, 2-saving it, 3-figuring out where it is stored on my phone (because sometimes it seems as though the pictures i take run and hide,) and 4-managing to download it onto my computer (which of course means more searching . . . ) then i will post something so you can see if it was worth all that excitement.

assuming i can remember how to post video onto my blog . . .

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mom said...

Will be anxious to see it you get it to work. I downloaded it but havent' tried it yet. i'm still trying to figure out the still camera on it.