Wednesday, February 24, 2010

my nose, my nose . . .

so today . . . i've decided my school kids are trying to kill me.

they come into my room in the morning coughing, their little eyes red rimmed and runny. but they don't have a temperature! so there they are. sick. at school.

it isn't their fault. they just go where their parents take them. and their parents need to go to work. i get that. really, i do. but what parents don't understand is that if everyone sends their sick kids to school, then their kids are more likely to get sick again. and again. and again.

the rule at our school is that the kids can stay unless they have a temperature of 100 degrees or more. but sometimes i think their crafty parents fill them up with cough medicine and tylenol and bring them to school anyway. which means i have to keep them in my teeny tiny room until the tylenol wears off and their temperature shows itself. and by then, they have coughed on me, touched my stuff, and filled my room with germs.

which then attack me--no matter how careful i am. i try to keep my distance, especially if they look like a cough is brewing. but sometimes i get no warning--a cough just explodes from their little face! i clean surfaces all day. i use anti-bacterial hand cleaner. i don't let them read my books or hold my hand. and still i get sick. again. and again.

i have been sick for most of this school year, and i have to say i am getting a little bit tired of it. if i am going to be fair, my kids have been sick all year too. i don't know what is going on.

but it is their fault. they are the ones who keep coming to school sick and unable to control their germs. and so, i have an idea--i think i should be put on disability pay.

if i was able to stay home from school for the next six months, maybe i would finally get well and STAY well. because that is the problem. staying healthy with all those germs around . . .

but until that happens, i guess i will just keep blowing my nose. and blowing. and blowing. and blowing . . .

(rollie thinks this picture is gross. but i think it is a good visual of how much nose blowing i have done just today. and i've already emptied it once! clearly it needs to be emptied again, but it is at the edge of the couch where i can't see it--i just drop my tissues over the arm of the couch, and they go in. or at least they did until it became full.)

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Carroll said...

I'm so sorry you're having such a hard time. Maybe early retirement is an alternative??? I would expect that kind of sickness from all the kids in this area but in Southern California? I know it's been a rainy winter but still, it's too bad your resistance is at an all time low. Please take care!